Just got back from the YMCA

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  • findingme

    I joined the Y a couple of years ago. College students get free membership where I am, so I couldn't resist. I will gladly sign up as a paying member once I am out of school, too. Great place to work out and use the track. Love it!!

    I have recently engaged in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, too. (uh oh....another no-no ) My husband has a website; he is really into it. Check it out if you can


    I've also joined college clubs and voted in the election!.........

    Yes, a great deal of new experiences for me, too.

  • tresbella

    I took swimming lessons at the Y. I guess my mom did not know at the time that is was considered a church by the society and I sure as hell wasn't plannin on tellin her. It was nice to have an after school activity that did not involve preaching or telephone wittnessing.

  • Insomniac

    I let my membership at the Y lapse during my last couple of semesters- just too busy. I'm back now, though, and trying to go as often as I can. I find the excercise helps with the depression and insomnia, not to mention my tendency to get soft in the middle. YMCA does not seem to push any brand of Christianity from what I've seen; no crucifixes in the weight room, no Last Supper paintings in the squash courts. They are, however, the biggest, best equipped, and cheapest gym in my area, and I have seen several witnesses on the premesis, so they must agree.

  • observador


    you took a tought out of my mind, as I recently enrolled at the local YMCA. I had the exact same feeling as you.

    It's hard to think of some sillier rule, indeed.


  • JAVA

    When rational thinking kicks in after exiting the Tower, it's so easy to see how "silly" our mindless-JW actions really were. I joined the Dayton-Downtown Y a few years ago, and go every other day after work. In the process I've lost several pounds, look and feel better, and the health benifits are numerous.

    While working out, I often think about the mind-numbing hours and years spent at JW meetings in order to distrust all but the Tower. Most of us could have earned college degrees, and/or improved our health and self-esteem by attending college and carrying gym bags instead of bookbags.

    Maybe I enjoy the Y today a little more so because of my background . . .

    Michael (counting time at the Y)

  • Nemea

    I belong to the Y, there is a chapel near the front of the building that no one goes into. That is the only hint that there is any religious background. They don't care if you are a Christian or not. It's just another gym that happens to get grants because they have a "Christian foundation."

  • CoonDawg

    is an executive director of a YMCA in Paris, IL. We all are YMCA supporters, including my still JW wife.


  • dolphman
    dolphman - you're kidding right?? Are you a homophobe? Do you think gay men are also rapists? Do you think you are that desireable? (I'm sure you are - but gang rape, c'mon - even queers have some impulse control!)

    Yeah man just kidding. And no, I'm not a homophobe. But I did walk into the YMCA showers once, never to return again. There was a group of gays with boners pointed at each other, and I wasn't willing to walk their gauntlet to try and shower myself.

    I hadn't seen a guy pop wood in the showers since 7th grade, and then it was most likely just a hormonal surge. These guys meant business.

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