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  • Satanus


    As one who grew up in alberta, i have to agree w you. It is also a province that mercilessly cut down the size of it's govt a few yrs ago. It did wonders for it's economy. All other canadian govts could learn a lot from this. As richie stated somewhere else, this province, along w bc will likely split from the rest of canada before qrybaby quebec does.

    S who lives in qq

  • Yerusalyim

    Think of all the wonderful taxes you'll get to pay earning $250.00 and day and still not being able to afford a mortgage. The bright side though...NO FOX NEWS's banned.

  • SAHS

    ? Yerusalyim ?:

    According to Aritha Van Herk in Mavericks: An Incorrigible History of Alberta , as quoted in the post by ?jgnat?:

    Alberta is . . . a province that truly believes in free speech. Albertans tolerate in their midst people whose extreme views on any manner of subjects would make them outcasts elsewhere.

    So, how could it be the case that ?NO FOX NEWS's banned?? I thought Canada was a most ?enlightened? country.


  • hillary_step


    Hillary, respectfully, Westerners are different from the pantywaists down east.

    lol...My comments were actually ironic. It would please me greatly if the rest of Canada grew the same sort of backbone that was being developed in Alberta. They seem to have shunned the 'Canadian way', you know - whine and moan behind closed doors, turn a blind eye to mismanagement and corruption, suffer in silence while hard-earned tax dollars are prized from their hands for the next multi-million dollar disaster, that sort of thing! Albertans have at least had had the fortitude and courage to shout 'enough!'.

    Canadian politics remind me of the old-boy network of UK politics in the 1920's, it is not what you believe that is important but what is, is worshipping at the altar of the status quo.

    For a country which has so much going for it, it has imho become a bit of a dissapointment.

    Best regards - HS

  • jgnat

    Hillary, I caught the irony, really. I was trying to get another rise from my Torontonian buddies.

    About Fox news, which I didn't know I wasn't getting, .....guys, guys, guys. You should know this by now. You can't slap the same label on everybody. There are Canadians and then there are Capital C Canadians. We got 'er right-wingers too.

    Here is the CRTC call for submissions regarding more non-Canadian content being allowed in our country:

    Note that this call to action comes from OTTAWA, down east. Not anywheres near Alberta.

  • talesin

    Note to jgnat

    Toronto is NOT Eastern Canada. LOL

    You forgot four provinces, you know, it's where Confederation happened!

    Note to H_S

    Perhaps in some provinces, citizens make a $50 /month payment, BUT NOT IN THIS ONE. Health care is included in our sales tax.

    Just noting a couple facts, folks. :)

  • hillary_step


    I was trying to get another rise from my Torontonian buddies.

    lol...Ontarians seem to inhabit a planet of their own making where everybody laughs at jokes thirty seconds after the punchline, everything moves in slow and very steady motion , every color is a million shades of practical grey and everybody knows full well the universe revolves around Bloor Street....


  • hillary_step


    Perhaps in some provinces, citizens make a $50 /month payment, BUT NOT IN THIS ONE. Health care is included in our sales tax.

    Yes, of course, my oversight. I presumed that anybody with any gumption would head for the West Coast, you know, that place where you do not get buried in snow waiting for your prescription...

    Best regards - HS

  • talesin

    Ah, yes, now I understand.

    But then, some of us fear the deadly heat of forest fires. (And Premiers who drink and drive. Having the RCMP impound their computer while investigating drug lords. Oh, yes, and Ralph Klein is just plain scary.) heheheh

    (I'd wink but not to make too light of it, with the forest fire thing. :D)

    No comments on which city would be better, as I have lived in neither. They are both great cities I have visited. Each has many virtues as well as very high real estate costs.

  • orbison11

    just wondering running man,

    where in canada is education free? let me know and i will move there:)


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