silly lines in the bible

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  • stillajwexelder

    Even if one accepts that the bible is the word of God - one of the most stupid lines is "You must make her pregnant with semen" err what the hell else can a woman be made pregnant with ? Milk?

    Have you all any stupid lines in the bible that come to mind?

  • ColdRedRain

    sure, here's one

    Lv 13:40If a man loses the hair on his head, this is baldness.

    I thought it was blindness?

  • Gopher

    The old Israelite law is full of juicy stuff.

    Here's 2 things I would have never known about leprosy if it weren't for the book of Leviticus.

    Leviticus 13:47 -- A garment can have leprosy

    Leviticus 14:34 -- Jehovah can put leprosy into a house. (The house itself, not the people inside it.)

    What in the world?

  • Obviously Secret
    Obviously Secret

    Those gotta be bad translations...

  • Snapdragon

    You've got a great point there Stilla, any time the bible starts to get all romantic like....its just bizarre and uncomfortable. Almost like listening to your grandparents talk about all the hot sex they had/have. They don't even use the right words for stuff......"necking", "petting", "make her pregnant with semen"....

  • ColdRedRain

    Jeff!!!! Where in the world have you been man!?

  • Tashawaa
  • glitter

    I was going to say that one Tashawaa - Skeptics Annotated Bible is so handy (and amusing! )

  • Obviously Secret
    Obviously Secret

    Old Testament was litterally written by some psychos....

  • czarofmischief

    There was a scripture that always struck me as being hilarious, in a sick kind of way - it goes down the list of people you shouldn't have sex with, but it describes it as "Laying their nakedness bare". Like, what other kind of nakedness can you have if you're bare?

    Also, a dude got stabbed in the belly and was described as "wallowing in his blood all day".


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