Our dear Jackson is sick again . . . . interesting parenting question

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  • StinkyPantz

    Sorry about Jackson .

    Advantages of young motherhood:

    -You'll be a younger grandparent and more able to play with the grandkids

    -It might be easier to relate to them generationally

    -More energy

    Advantages of older motherhood:

    -More wisdom

    -More life experience

    -Most likely more financially stable

  • Country_Woman

    I only have 1 daughter and got her at age 34,5.

    When I was at her school - bringing and getting her - the other mothers were always assuming I was around 25 - just because Viv was a 4 years old. That is a nice circumstance.

    Being an older mother - in your 40ties, is'nt wrong at all. You are mature and very capable to raise childs.

    The only negative is that the children involved sometimes are aware of the fact that their Mum is "old" and afraid that they loose her when they (the kids) are still young.

    I remember my youngest sis was afraid that she would lost her parents soon for their age.

    My mother was 43 when she gave birth to my sister, my father 50. (her fear did'nt really came out - my mother became 87 and my father 85 before they passed away

    edited to say that I hope Jackson will be better soon and wishing you a lot of energy to endure this all.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    More energy

    Can I have some of that 20-something energy right about now?

  • Valis

    Big T...sorry to hear our young Jackson is ill again. Please tell him I said hello. I hope you and Nina have some down time soon.

    I would think that older parents have a little more patience w/children, but I could be wrong.....and I guess younger parents get to see much more of thier children/grandkid's lives.

    Ya'll take care and best regards for the young squire.


    District Overbeer

  • codeblue


    Sorry to hear that Jackson has been so sick!!! (and that I just saw this thread for the first time today)

    I was 24 when I had my "only" child. I was young and full of energy.....The positives for being in your 20's as a parent.

    My mom was 40 when she had me, I was the youngest....She was an excellent mother! I wouldn't have traded her in for a younger model at all!!!

    By 40, her parenting skills had surely matured....and had a "lot of patience"....the only "down side" was I was the youngest, she had to work, and I had many siblings (kinda felt neglected)....

    I don't think it is an age matter...it is "how well you do the job as a parent".....


  • patio34

    Hi Nina and BigTex,

    So sorry about Jackson's sick again. What a rough time. Hugs to all of you.

    Having had my children in my 20s and 30s, I'm glad that now I have so much free time and am enjoying SO MUCH my "golden years."

    On the other hand (and there always is, isn't there?), I would do things vastly different now than I did when I was in my younger years.

    On balance, I would say it's best to be older and wiser: you do a better job, I would think and the kids would be better off.

    Life's full of trade-offs, though.



  • Billygoat

    (((((Jackson)))))) Get better little guy!

    ((((Nina and Chris)))) You guys are great parents. I wish I had you.

    I'm 32, (33 next month) and don't have kids. I've been listening really hard for my biological clock, but I haven't heard it tick yet. Neil agrees with me that 1 child is our limit. I was the oldest of 3 and 11 years older than my siblings. It was great being an only child for that long, but man...my baby brothers really sapped the maternal instinct out of me. I realized at a very young age that babies are not the sweet romantic thing many new mothers assume. They were a lot of work and I don't really have the desire to go through that again.

    If I don't ever have a child, I think I'd be okay. I'm working on overcoming the guilt that comes with that. Many people think it selfish of me.

  • wednesday

    best wishes to jackson, imagine he's pretty sick of this too.

    I knew a sis who had 5 kids and everyone one of them had asthama, and grew ou tof it as they got older. She spent a lot of time at the ER. and was somehwhat of an expert on asthama.

    if i miss that kind of sleep sleep, i would have to the "bags" under my eyes surgically removed()

  • Sunnygal41

    {{{Nina, Jackson and Chris}}}

    If I can think of anything more, I certainly will pass on the info. My sis has three boys. The youngest, Joshua, had terrible allergies and life threatening croup til about 3 years old. She slept with him on the fold out sofa sleeper for months on end, with two cool mist humidifiers going 24/7. There were weekly trips to the ER. Gradually, with time and her use of homeopathic meds, and his growth he got better and now, as far as I know he's symptom free. Hang in there, this isn't forever!


  • flower

    Sorry to hear your kiddo is sick too.

    I can relate as my son has been having a lousy few months as well. He used to be very healthy except for the occasional pink eye or cold from preschool. He had mono a couple months ago and then a few weeks later caught another virus with rashes and fever. Before the mono he had his pre-kindergarten shots and had an allergic reaction where his arm was twice its size for a week and then a stomach virus where he was up all night vomiting (that was the worst let me tell ya).

    I feel like I got off lucky the first 4 years because hes been sick more this year than all the others combined. I hope they both grow out of it real quick!

    I had him at 27 and I think that was a great age for me. Everyone is different in that aspect I suppose.

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