uhoh! getting married!

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  • Sunspot

    Congratulations to you both!!!!!!

    How exciting to be planning a trip to ROME!

    I'm so happy for you.



  • Sirius Dogma
    Sirius Dogma

    Darnit! Another cutie off the market.

    Congratulations and have a fabulous time in Rome!!!!!


  • jwbot

    It will be so great. We will book as soon as we have about $2000 saved up in a couple months (and get our passports then), then just save some more.

    Also, I will post TONS of pictures because the memory card we get for the camera will hold 2 gigs! haha!

  • Nosferatu

    Congratulations, jwbot!

    We were able to do our wedding for about $3000 (probably less). We used any free or cheap resources that were available - free sound (I mixed all the CDs), free pictures, cheap JOP, hand made clothes, home made invitations, extra huge hotel room for free.

    Hope all goes well on your big day!

  • jwbot

    Yes, the dress I want is on ebay for like $125, and I will make MP3 cd's, and the lighthouse where the wedding will be is really really cheap, and the place for the reception is a few spots down at his uncles house (free). So I guess food will be the expense but I dont mind finger snacks. And a live band a nice idea (jazz) but cd's are OK too. The brides-maids can buy their own dresses and they will be inexpensive. I can do my own makeup pretty well, my hair might be expensive because I want extensions but I already have a nice tiarra (I almost got married before) and I do not mind fake jewelery, no one will know the difference :)

  • codeblue

    Congratulations....and much happiness!!!

  • Bryan

    Congrats!! jwbot!!!!!


  • xjw_b12

    Congratulations bot

    Rome? Didn't that burn to the ground some years ago? Well whatever. When in Rome, do as the Romans do....whatever it is that they do / did. Wasn't Caligula Roman?

  • bikerchic

    Congrats jwbot and Mike!

    We wish you both much happiness!

    Kate and Craig

  • Country_Woman

    and put some coins in the Trevi fountain for luck....

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