New! SATANIC IMAGES in Knowledge book! What do you think?

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  • zealofjehu

    i know that some of the images and things that we see on the internet arent really that big a deal however i find the images on page 35 on the knowledge book very disturbing. i know many of you are skeptic but remember you were very upset when someone first told you that jw were nuts or an occult and you didnt even bother to check it out. the witness have to be drowning in evidence before they can see even a glimpse of the truth please dont fall back into that habit with other things..

    i know the languge the man uses on this site is strong but the images are real and that to me is the scary part because they show a deliberite picture of jesus as a dog. even the words them selves change to god gave dog the power to c. what does this all mean i dont know but what i do know. the art work dipict false gods and demons being praised.

    you dont need fancy equipment to see the the pictures i scaned the image right from the book and then precedded to cut out from the man over so that the word cure was now simply c. then i duplicated all of jesus like in the picture put them side by side and mirrored it just to see for my self and it came out just like the image. i know now the images are real. is it a conspiricy i doubt it. but i dont know enough about subliminal images to understand how they may or may not effect us. i only know that the images on this website proved true when put on my computer and you can and should do the same instead of simply dismissing it as silly.

    we were all programed to dismiss all bad things about the wtbs as lies and i have seen many of you dismiss this with out checking it out old habits are hard to break but break them you must even in this. examine the picture on your computer. i used print shop 5 and i still cant get over how the artist did this i find it amazing that all the years that i saw this picture i never saw any of this. weel i have things to do so see ya all later


  • Sirona

    You know, I DO think there are some dodgy images in WT literature, but that page really does just look crazy. There are too many words and too much confusion, any JW would just run and hide.


  • ljwtiamb

    imho: This would be a hard one to sell. I too, think that reasoning on their own wt statements has more impact.

  • bradsland

    Evidence demands a verdict. I defy any honest reasonable person of a sound mind to take a mirror and look at page 35 of the knowledge book and NOT see satanic images. There is none so blind as those that will not see..Stop burying your head in sand, how and why are they there?

  • bradsland

    Just try it and then see what u think I dare you

  • baddjuju

    Who needs subliminal images when you can have this! Personally my favorite image is of the guy with the gas mask! It was a close toss up between the pissed off communist soldier and the gas man!

    Disturbing Watcthower Art

  • PublishingCult

    Has anyone read Derik's(s?) Barefoot's book on the hidden images in various publications?

    I use to be on board with the whole hidden and subliminal assertions made by Barefoot, and I knew the Barefoots; Derik and his brother, Ross, and their mother and father. They seemed a little on the nutty side to me (who am I to judge, though? The same has been said about me) I remember Derik's mother running around the congregations selling water filters and trying to get me to sign up as a distributor to sell them. I also contacted one of the art experts Derik quotes in his book. The art professor told me that he told Derik that he could not back up the claim of deliberate subliminal and hidden imagery in the WT artwork Derik showed him. He also said Derik took out of context one of the art professor's quotes used in Barefoot's book to support his assertions.

    I think the controversy should be relegated to the file under The Creation book's blasphemous homosexual artwork.

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