I can't believe I did it!!!

by HadEnuf 20 Replies latest jw friends

  • Valis
    Are you telling me that getting tattoos is addictive???

    yup..try going to a tattoo convention and not getting one..

    For WI Tattoo Conventions past/present..



    District Overbeer

  • TallTexan

    Good job!!!! And yes, they are addictive - I'm getting the design together for my third one, and I thought I'd only get one. Oh well. And no, they don't really hurt. It's more of an annoyance - but it's worth it.

  • Valis

    eh TallT I would say the pain level depends on how long you are under the needle and where you are getting the tattoo...The elbow and the wrist aren't pleasant really..


    District Overbeer

  • black ghost
    black ghost


    a girl after me own heart

    last week i got my belly button pierced (i want tatoos really but im too dark) and i web cammed it to every one i know! now my family know there is no way back for me from the dark side.

    its great isnt it?

  • Lehaa


    Congratulations. It feels good doesnt it. I had my belly button pierced just before I got disfellowshipped, and then last week I got my first tattoo. A butterfly on my lower back. I love it going to get some more done later.

    Good on you, can you post a picture of it, would love to see it.

    It feels great to be able to do that sort of thing and not have people frowning at you all the time.

    So happy for you.


  • Huxley

    Cool! If you love the design they are worth the pain.

    Check out this sample by a local tattoo artist. (She did mine too!)

    Kinda new systemy no?


  • HadEnuf

    Huxley...your picture didn't come through. Boo hoo. Try it again. I'd like to see it.

    Hmmm... a tattoo convention. Must be a lot more fun than a district convention.

    Thanks for all your comments peoples. I enjoy each and every one of them!!

    Cathy L.

  • LongHauler

    I got this tatto when I turned 18. My dad nearly had a heart attck. Like Valis said, you can't get just one. I wound up with three.


  • Lecari12RuleU

    Hey I know that soon I'll be part of your little clan! I'm going to Las Vegas for New Years, which is coincidently also my BIRTHDAY!!! Yip I'll be 25!! Bout darn time to get me a tattoo. I'm also getting my navel pierced witha gem barbell. The tat is of a sexy fairy on my lower abdomen. I'm so excited, been wanting to do it now for years, just haven't had the courage to do it I guess. Plus I've had (have) to lose a little before I could get it done (so said my hubby) because "belly rings don't look the best on women with their stomachs poking out, you need a flat sexy tummy to get it done" etc. etc. SO...I've lost 14 lbs. so far and still going. I got me 9 weeks or so still to keep on truckin' and I'll be Dam*ed if I'm not going to get it done this time! I even have an appt. for 10am at a place off the Strip. I'M FINALLY GOING TO DO IT!!!!!!!!

  • Gretchen956

    Congratulations!!!! I am envious. I have always wanted one, but being the libra that I am I have never been able to pick one I like enough or figure out where I want to put it. Maybe I should get three or four and post them and ask the group which one and where!



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