Post pics of.....your desk!

by Xander 84 Replies latest jw friends

  • drwtsn32

    I think I'll hook up my VIC-20 and use that in my desk shot... lol

  • Cadaver

    Here is my desk, it's in my bedroom

    The Flat screen is my personal pc. And the Crt is a server for my home network.

  • Xander

    *Finally*, FINALLY, we got the blinds delivered for the office, so I can take a pic facing the other direction without it looking like crap.

    Anyway, pic from the other direction (showing wife's desk):

  • Dan-O

    Pretty cool, Xander. I try to not look at Mrs. O's desk. It's a scary place.

  • Xander

    Yeah, mine too.

    *My* desk is always spotless, as I'm a pseudo-neat freek. That pic of her desk is as a result of my weekly cleaning of it, though (you'd think, given ALL the nicely labelled files I made for her, that things would get...I dunno...*filed* once in a while....)

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