Post pics of.....your desk!

by Xander 84 Replies latest jw friends

  • Stefanie


    I think we have the same scanner...

    Is yours a canoScan N650U?

    I cant use it though, because i am using an old pos cpu.

  • 4JWY

    They say a messy desk is the sign of a creative mind, don't they?

    These desks show 2 years worth of a new creativity and freedom for all

  • 4JWY

    This is our first time posting pics - bear with us as we try this husband had to make them bigger for more impact.

    BTW : Our vehicles are meticulously detailed so we're not complete slobs

  • jwbot

    Stefanie: yes we do!

  • Badger

    Stef has a pristine desk, I'm sure...

    But I do want pics...

    My next desk will feature the 2005 Apostababe calendar...

  • ohiocowboy

    Here is my desk.....Please don't pay any attention to the sticky keyboard...

  • SheilaM

    *SCREAMS NO NO THUNDER* not until I get the office finished

  • Wolfy

    It's a mess but what the hell..

    The kitten is named Sam and seems to have an affinity for causing havoc in the computer room. He is only 9 weeks old:)

    I'm running Red Hat on an old 800 Duron which is on my left(when sitting). Running a P4 3gig homebuilt system as my main computer. From the picture it looks like a mess. The thing is I threw out a ton of computer equipment a couple weeks ago. For some reason it pains me to get rid of computer equipment even if it's old. I'm not sure if it's from a sense of nostalgia or remembering how much I spent on those parts.


  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    This is my desk, with me at it, in my studio. I usually keep it pretty nifty, but was on a smoking binge this night.. hehehhe. We live in a log house, so the ceiling in the loft studio is very low <the reason I am a knot-head>


  • Lehaa

    I cheated and tidied up first. It' my desk sewing table and retreat. Bedroom to the right of photo.

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