Post pics of.....your desk!

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  • Dan-O

    The K6/2 was actually a couple of rebuilds ago. I went from that to a Duron 1100 to the current Athlon 2400+ and 1 GB of RAM in the Frankenputer. I also built Bride of Frankenputer for Mrs. O this past winter, using a 3 GHz P4 and 1 GB of RAM. (Bride of Frankenputer sits on an identical desk on the other side of the office.) Her old Dell was rebuilt & christened Child of Frankenputer, and the kids use it now. For some reason, I stored the old motherboards & processors & other assorted parts in the basement.

  • 4JWY

    Hey bem ~

    did you say, "use the desk?" What makes you think I do that? The pile remains stationary until I get some boxes to put all around me labeled file, toss, urgent etc and sort it all. Feather won in a bike race held by the Warrior's Society! It signifies completion of what is called a "visionquest".

    Cic ~ I also had always wanted a rolltop and got a good buy on this one used.

    ... but....

    after I got it home I realized why I got it so cheap - there is an odor in every drawer that I can't figure out what it would be -

    it smells like shit, seriously. (& literally)

    Anyone here work with wood to advise what it could be?? It has never aired out for years now. I'd appreciate thoughts.

    I am green with envy at all the beautiful desktops shared! ~ 4JWY

  • Special K
    Special K

    lol 4jwy

    I was wondering if you did a Google Search and typed in

    "How to fix desk that smells like shit"

    Just made me chuckle..

    Special K

  • 4JWY

    Special K ~

    Thank you - I will try that right now .....

    P.S. I have a sensitivity to odors too, and it's not like any pheromone that's ever drawn me in.

    edit to add: Google thinks I want to "fix a DISK that smells like shit" - and OMG on the rest of the selections

    Good for a laugh!

  • Xander
    K6-2? Hey, i'm still using one those old pieces of junk. Well, hopefully not much longer

    Interesting factoid about the K6 line...

    The last of them - the K6-III+ had a multiplier adjustment on it. The '2x' setting on motherboards would make the chip run at a '6x' multiplier (there was no way to run it at 2x).

    Anyway, I lucked out and had a 66mhz FSB mobo that could do 100mhz FSB. And, as this was the time of the breaking out of DDR ram, I could find PC100 (100mhz FSB ram) really cheap. Found myself a K6-III+ processor, and was set! The K6-III+ is a laptop processor, designed to be able to run with almost no heatsink at all, and fairly low voltage. Put that 450mhz processor in a desktop system - desktop cooling (with Arctic Silver) and desktop voltage, set the FSB to 100 and the multiplier to '2', and you have a 600mhz processor!

    Which wasn't bad back in the day.

  • Xander

    Oh, by the way, mentioned.....GAMES?

    (And, for the record, those boxes in the lower left? That's where I keep the spare PC parts needed to build an extra PC or two....heh)

  • jwbot

    OOh Xander, you have some good ones. You are missing some great Blizzard titles...

    Diablo, Diablo II, Warcraft I, II, III, Starcraft... World of Warcraft is going to be released, you like MMORPG's?

  • RandomTask

    Yay, nerds!

    Sometimes I feel all alone in this world.

  • Satanus


    Pretty easy to get rid of the shit smell: just varnish or paint everything. This will seal it in, whatever it is. Get a fast dry varnish, so you won't have to wait as long. Lets say that you wanna start w doing just the drawers. To be thorough, do the inside and the outsides. If you do the fronts, and they have been varnished before, sand em first w a really fine sandpaper.

    Ok, varnishing a drawer in 2 stages is the easiest. Put em all upside down on some cardboard from boxes. Let em dry. Then turn them over and do the insides. Make sure you get enough in the corners so that it runs into the joints and cracks.

    If there is still bad smell after that, you could move on to the desk itself. Maybe just doing the underside will do the trick. Just flip the thing upside down on some card board, and slop on the varnish everywhere. If you end up doing the top as well, you may want to be more careful, and don't forget to sand if there is already varnish on the top. It wouldn't hurt to clean the top first. A fan blowing over it helps to dry faster. Also, depending on which varnish you use, you may need to open some windows. Use oil base, not water based crap.


  • Satanus


    I also change a few parts at a time. My puter before the k6-2 was a 486 (33 i believe). My next one may be a 2.5 amd, or something like that.


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