Was There Ever Any Rule That You Thought Was Silly In The Organization?

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  • minimus

    The rule on having "large gatherings" was stupid. Because SOME people abused a "Christian get-together" that had a lot of people, we could only get together in smaller groups.

  • glitter

    Having to wear skirts and dresses. We walked both ways to our bookstudy and the KH was an unreliable busride away. Tights don't help much in the middle of winter.

  • minimus

    Sisters had to have a dress or skirt--no matter what! Very silly rule. Another one is wearing a "handkerchief head covering".

  • Freedom Fighter
    Freedom Fighter

    Yup - the ' no trousers ' rule always got on my nerves especially in Winter, as Glitter says.

    Not being allowed to say ' for god's sake' , not being allowed to be left alone with a member of the opposite sex, sisters not being allowed to take any responsibility.


  • minimus

    Not being able to say, "Bless you", or "lucky". If you did say something like that you'd be looked upon as demonized.

  • glitter
    sisters not being allowed to take any responsibility.

    Hated that. I remember finding out women couldn't be elders (about 6 or 7) and being astonished!


    Hehe *fortunate*.

  • minimus

    You HAVE to have 2 elders speak to a female.

  • HeyNow!

    Skirt rule?? Yeah it was nutty. I didn't mind..sundress.lol

    1. No gotees
    2. Ties
    3. 10 hours a month
    4. No touching the merchandise before purchase (wedding)..I don't even do that with avocadoes
    5. Chaperone..trust me, if there is a will, there is a way
    6. Do not wax your weasel. If you deny your weasel, he might go off and find other playmates! Like a cat or worse yet!! another weasel!

    Chances are the governing numbnuts are writing for FHM and Maxim..cause they are putting out some funny Stuff..lmao

    Who knew George Burns was not the only comedian over 75?

  • Freedom Fighter
    Freedom Fighter

    Minimus - was that for safety in numbers! lol! FF

  • onintwo

    No pastel colored shirts on the platform.

    Only four door cars for service.

    No playing organized sports.

    No pantsuits for ladies. No leisure suits for men.

    No longish hair on men. (it shames God) I'ts Ok for women to have very short hair, however. (doesn't shame God)

    No beards.

    No higher education.

    No worldly friends.

    No missing meetings.

    No reading from other Bibles (at the KH) except to prove that the NWT is superior.

    No reading any critical reviews of the WTS.

    No taking up martial arts.

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