Gleaning at Bethel

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  • Michael3000

    True,true, Black Man. What about PIZZA NIGHT? That was straight up BIZARRE. Like a bunch of college kids, tryin' to see who could eat the most squares.


  • willy_think
    What's up! I can't believe this! Man does stuff like that really go on at the center of worship of the only true god on earth?

    no it happens at bethel

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  • bigboi


    Thanks man! Whewwww!!!!! That one blew right past me. I stand respectfully corrected.



    "it ain't what ya do. it's how you do it" quote from the song "True Honeybunz" by Bahamadia

  • Seeker
    Been to every meal at Bethel,

    Sorry to put a downer on this but, to be truthfull, I never saw anything like that after a meal.

    qwerty, do you mean you have been to one of each type of meal at Bethel (dinner once, breakfast one time, etc.)? If so, you may have been there for the wrong meals. Some meals aren't popular at all. Or you may have been at a table that had no leftovers, and thus no scavengers approached.

    Those of us who saw this know that it happens. Maybe not every day, maybe not to extremes all the time, and certainly not everyone does it, or does it in a rude way. But these stories are so funny and believable to me because I saw it with my own eyes.

  • Maximus

    ::I'd say that if you've been up there 10 years or more and don't have a mate you just a weird mofo.

    I'm dying with laughter. I'll restrain comment about how many I think belong in the weird mofo class, dawg. And you guys don't be doggin' my man the Great J. R. Brown, because he now the head N of the new Public Information office. Will look mighty good on TeeVee.

    My question is this: What does this hallowed practice tell us about the atmosphere at Christ's vicarage, the Bible House?

    Why do people take food to their rooms? Who are these tupperware ladies? Can you cook in your room? Why would you do that when you can eat communally, chatting away with friends who are of spiritual disposition?
    Huge grin.


    Footnote: When the Bethel family met in just one dining room in the US, everyone knew who missed Text and Comments, now dignified by the term Morning Worship. When Knorr said "Read the text, please" and you were not in your seat but down the hall, you had to slink back to your room so as not to show disrespect. Like as not, if your empty chair was spotted the Pres would call on you by name, to induce a deafening silence. That was tough the rest of the day.
    My wife got called on three mornings in a row. The fourth morning she fell down the stairs attempting to get there on time.

  • JT

    Some of your more sheltered Bethelites were just flat-out embarassing. Some of you Bethelites thought Willy Walker was an embarassment to the Black race, try this one brother named Rodney Nelson.
    now this guy was a fool you are right he tops old willy

    he was in the hall with dave brewington from philly and kevin watkins from tx


  • JT

    my wife is here on the floor just dying --------

    hey black man shoot me your email - WE NEED TO TALK

    i have not had so much fun on the Net since i have been up here

    to tell the bethel stories will bring tears to your eyes


  • teejay

    how's it going there, guy? these stories are so funny... and the expressions you use... "mofo," "straight up," and "dawg." they're so, so... charming. pleased to have you here with us Black Man. say, by the way, i don't mean to pry or offend, but are you... ah.... er... a Negro brother?

    a salaam alaikum,

  • teejay

    on the real, you guys need, really need, to get together and write a
    book. it will be very popular, and the average library will not be
    able to keep a copy, not that any JWs would ever steal it, oh no.

    serious. think about it. put it down on paper. chewin' the fat here
    is one thing -- publishing it is the next step.

  • Moxy
    i don't mean to pry or offend, but are you... ah.... er... a Negro brother?

    this just reminds of some of the incredibly delicate wording JWs get used to using when they have to acknowledge race. just a couple days ago, an elder was describing a sister to me and said 'she's coloured' - and this is a young guy, like 30 or so. does anybody else still use the expression 'coloured'? and yet it seems perfectly natural in a kindgom hall to hear the word.


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