Watchtower Society's this a hoax???

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  • DevonMcBride

    The following was posted on the Watchtower Observer Message Board by a first time poster at

    It sounds far-fetched to me. Anyone know if this is a hoax?

    The WTO has finally pressed the button marked "self destruct"

    The following report has been sent to people around the world. After you read this, I am sure you will agree-- there is no way they will get out of this one.

    FAX: 718-560-5619

    25 Columbia Heights
    Brooklyn New York, 1120-12483

    My name is Gloria E. Schroeder, I am married to Retired Army Major W.W.II Veteran, Julius Thomas Schroeder. I used to own and operate an upholstery shop in the greater Seattle area, and as a result of the chemicals, was symptomatic of MS. At one time, I was legally blind, could not walk, and could not put a sentence together. My husband "Tom" was my caregiver 24 hours a day. I owe my life to him. With his help, I was able to take my doctors' advice to study medicine-- nutritional influence on illness-- and after much effort, gained back my eyesight, can now run, and as you can see, even put together a sentence.
    During my studies, my husband and I made a profound medical discovery. We found a natural substance that cures the "uncurable" and were very happy to share this with others. At the time, I was a Jehovah's Witness, attending meetings in Bigfork Montana. As I was not an accredited researcher, I sent some of my unpatented medical research data for publication to a trusted person in my religious headquarters, the medical advisor to the WatchTower and Awake Magazine, Dr. Carlton, the head of the J.W. Infirmary in WallKill New York. I did this upon the advice of a Brazos Minchew N.D. who had worked with this doctor in New York, formerly of Montana.
    What happened? Nothing was ever published, as Dr. Carlton decided to take actions to steal my research. He knew I was a simple, uneducated person, raising sheep in the Rocky Mountains, so thought it would be easy. He needed to do two things to protect himself and silence my voice:
    1. prevent all communication of the knowledge of my research to his fellow religious adherents;
    2. make me homeless and penniless, with complete defamation of character to discredit me to all interested civil parties.
    To prevent communication to the HeadQuarters of Jehovah's Witnesses, Carlton fabricated a story that I went to New York and told the religious leaders I was the "faithful and discreet slave" and if they refused to use my research(10) to promote world peace, would receive adverse judgement (1). I was disfellowshipped, and lost all ability to talk with any Jehovah's Witnesses, including my own children, preventing any letters/communication revealing his withholding of beneficial research.
    Next, Carlton forwarded the message to Kalispell Regional Hospital with something like "Gloria's research will put you out of business." (2) A Kalispell attorney, Charles Harball, said a local hospital employee told him the hospital contacted the District Court and requested the destruction of my family. My husband was put, without hearings (3), into a guardianship for an "unmarried person" enabling all assets to be transferred immediately to the social worker J.M. Shearer, guardian. Montana Law calls this aggravated kidnapping, as all savings and income were taken, and our farm was stolen by the county attorney, plaintiff of cause(4). My home was broken into repeatedly, and personal items stolen(5). Tom was put under heavy drugs, all contra-indicated(6), and forced to live like a prisoner in Colonial Manor Nursing home, Whitefish Montana. Dr. Carlton's influence continued on "to silence my voice" instructing Judge Katherine Curtis to sign a restraining order (7) preventing me from all contact with any employee of social services, preventing an investigation of the lawless actions ordered by her court. Every lie conceivable has been told about me. My phone is illegally tapped, my mail stolen. I cannot write, visit or phone my husband. My car has been ran off the road and I have been shot at. Court records change at will, and even lost.
    When my home was broken into, April 1999, the Deputy sheriffs, and social workers did not know I had been experimenting with a cross- bred pathogen. This was a continued application of my research. They were all exposed to what I call "small pox from hell"
    Two weeks earlier, I received a $500 support check from my husband's so -called guardian, JM Shearer. It was the first money I received in four months(8). . When I left for groceries, a social worker-sanctioned breakin into my home occurred. Then I learned my brother died the same day ( I believe sanctioned medical neglect), I gave up. Without Tom, starving, subjecting my family(9) to evil people because of my discoveries, I dumped my now uncontained microbes out the back door. Within 10 days I lost 40 sheep, then I contracted the disease myself.
    As the local hospital authorities were watching me closely (overhead plane owned by dep sheriff, constant drive and walk bys), to see if I was growing the discovered herb (that cured uncurable illnesses), it is very likely they took a tissue sample of my dead sheep. I have been told that a statement was made that the likely outbreak of smallpox would begin in Flathead County, Montana. If this is true, it is very possible that the medical community told President Bush they had discovered smallpox in our area and believed an outbreak was imminent and blamed it on outside terrorists-- to hide their initiating lawless involvement. If this is true, they could also have fabricated the story of vaccine stores available since the 1980's for their medical staff, law enforcement and armed forces, using their new version, based on my pathogens. This is possible, as why would President Bush claim smallpox was the likely biological weapon Iraq would use? Other more deadly pathogens are available. Who were the other world leaders he claims he consulted to arrive at this opinion? Could this have been the impetus for the war in Iraq? Why would Flathead County be the decided first target?
    If I am the only one who can stop the latest mutation of this anaerobic disease when it finally emerges , why is my husband being murdered? I guess evil wants to eat the fruit of it's labors.
    Gloria E. Schroeder
    580 LaBrant Rd
    Kalispell Mt.
    CC: Dateline NBC
    1. see April 2000 Annual Court Report, Flathead Co District Court; DG 98-078-B, statement made by social worker John M. Shearer
    2. My research was documented in a Washington State physician's files.
    3. No protective proceedings, no charges against me, the wife- Letter from attorney Shelly Mott says "Gloria not a party"
    4. Dep. County Attorney Peter Steele Plaintiff of DG 98-078-B, filed with Clerk and Recorder #2001284/2540 "he is rightful
    owner of our home" with deed voided. to hide the theft, the original case registry was changed from "Steele/plaintiff" to " Steele/attorney" for state.
    5. No court order, no search warrant- Officer Morten broke into my home and handcuffed me for one hour allowing social workers to steal my rings, family pictures (for altering ?) and financial records and hidden items (April 9, 1999).
    6. According to our MD, Tom has severe mercury poisoning, which was treatable. He is presently being given drugs that say do not give to suspected liver patients- mercury causes liver damage. Tom had hepatitis as a young person. One drug given him by Dr. S. Daniell (Whitefish Mt.) prescribed by Dr.V. Hauser (Kalispell Mt.) is used to tame large primates, with possible side affects: cerebral hemorrhages, grandmal seizures, sudden death, suicide, etc.
    7. As an 'unmarried Tom Schroeder' does not exist, neither the guardianship nor the restaining order is valid.
    8. I nearly starved to death. I lost 1/2 my teeth water fasting during the first 12 months with ony $600. total for the entire period received from the state to live on. I ate garbage, animal food, leaves, etc.
    9. My parents were threatened and stopped receiving my help. Dad died from intentional doctor induced illness (proof of my beneficial research had to be destroyed)
    10. illegal phone tap revealed to him that I discovered the Ancient Hebrew Calendar (Abib) lost now 2500 years ( I only gave him medical research)

  • sf

    Yes Devon, and there are a couple of threads on it too.

    Also, if you type her 'name' into google, you will have the proof.


  • DevonMcBride

    Thanks, I thought so. It takes a real nut case to come up with this story.


  • Nosferatu

    This person is the "Apostate" that the WTS talks about. Half-truths, outright lies, bla bla bla. I think the WTS wishes that more ex-jws were like this.

  • Gretchen956

    what a maroon!!!

  • Sirius Dogma
    Sirius Dogma

    If anyone else finds anything else please post it. I researched a bit and only found this ladies web site -

    it seems kooky enough, she thinks the calendar is messed up and it can save your soul... wierd. anyway, i help she gets help or medication.

  • DevonMcBride

    I saw her web site. She also thinks Homosexuality is caused by a bacteria. LOL


  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    I much admired former secretary of state;Henry Kissinger he was fond of saying:.."that's an excellent story,but does it have the added virtue of being true.."?Gossip

  • DevonMcBride

    This woman is nuts. She just accused me of working for the Watchtower Society. LOL She has an incredibly scary imagination.

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