HOW EXACTLY does god communicate with or direct the GB?

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  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions
    Flag semaphore.
  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    Jehovah used to use a FAX machine, then it was Email. Now its all texting baby!
  • ctrwtf
    You're all wrong.  It's the red phone.
  • brandnew
    Never heard of a lil birdy?
  • prologos
    David Splane said : " we lived that Idea" so, a slew of ideas are set before them, probably earmarked with ramifications, then they pick the idea they can agree on, the one they like. They liked the " WE are the F&DS idea. Now they like to see as all in the basements. How low can you go? 
  • stuckinarut2


    great responses. I'm glad I'm not the only cynical one here...

    us mentally diseased apostates can see what so many others are blind to!

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    In an article that I was privileged to publish based on a letter written to me by an active and serving JW elder, this subject came up. I think his commentary (from an insider looking out) says a lot about the credibility of the Governing Body's claimed attachment to "holy spirit."

    "It makes no sense that honest debate about the truth of certain beliefs can be treated as a sin against the Holy Spirit, while the final version of the “truth” is still being fine tuned. After all, the Governing Body VOTES on what new teachings will be published or presented at our assemblies. Does that mean that their debates and votes are also a sin against the Holy Spirit? If the Governing Body is acting under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, shouldn’t all their votes be unanimous? Are those who voted against the majority being influenced by Satan? After the vote is taken, why should that particular teaching ever be changed due to “new light”? Does not the Holy Spirit know what is true and what is not? Or does the Holy Spirit inspire the Governing Body to purposely publish incorrect information from time to time – just to keep us off-kilter? This entire concept of the Governing Body being guided by Holy Spirit is frankly ridiculous and inconceivable.

    "I feel that the Watchtower Society is totally wrong by holding this unsupported position. After all, very few of the teachings of Russell and Rutherford are still held to be “truth.” Where was the Holy Spirit prior to Rutherford’s death in 1942, back when almost every Witness was considered to be a member of the Anointed remnant? Who was guiding the leadership of the Watchtower Society back then?"


  • prologos
    and since the Governing body is doing the directing of this "spirit directed" organisation, where does that leave you all, newly baptized ones, declaring yourselfs members of the "spirit directed" organisation? Remember the old cartoons of all the animals running off the cliff?, running  in mid-air suspending the law of nature?, a picture of jws in action.   
  • Hairtrigger

    Their god puts it into their hearts ...just like he will do to the leaders of he world to turn on world religion prior to the GT!!

    JuanV2: An imperfect god ,using imperfect men ,to do an imperfect job, on other imperfect men ,according to an imperfect book , with imperfect recordings by more imperfect men ,which imperfection, they imperfectly feel ,are perfectly perfecting!!

    They have wireless connected-  and a sattellite from Plaides ( isn't that where they once claimed was the abode of their diety?) transmits divine intentions straight into -their behinds! That's because they have more shit in their heads than their asses!!

  • OnTheWayOut
    Even a GB member would have to say that he feels strongly that the spirit is guiding an individual thought.  And as long as his thought is helpful to the perpetuation of the corporation and two-thirds of the GB members agree with his thoughts, then it really is spirit-directed.  
    But when two-thirds disagree, then it was his own thought.  Or if Legal says it cannot be done, then it was not spirit-directed despite the two-thirds majority.  

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