Watchtower Tax Return

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  • smiddy3

    Wouldn`t Governmental inquire`s like the Australian Royal Commission into Institutionalised Child sexual Abuse and other similar Agency`s / inquiry`s around the world into the Jehovah`s Witness religion .

    Be very interested in the Watchtower tax returns that has been presented in this post ?

    Wouldn`t they be very interested in just how much money the JW religion / WTB&TS actually have in their coffers ?

    Not forgetting they are a "not for profit " organization .

  • blondie

    Religious Non profits in the US are not required to submit a detailed document to IRS

    Are churches required to file Form 990?
    Most tax-exempt organizations and nonexempt charitable trusts have to file some type of Form 990 informational return. However, there are three general exceptions: Some religious institutions. Some religious institutions, such as churches, aren't required to file Form 990.
  • JeffT
    How could they have liabilities exceeding assets with their business structure. Reputable accountants/attorneys would have never advised the development of the new cult compound

    Easy, they didn't listen to the accountants and lawyers.

  • LV101

    So they don't listen, eh -- what about their god whispering in their ears. I'm shocked they need any outside professionals plus I keep forgetting the GB's expertise as land barons/developers and financiers. They best stick to following their charlatan magic.

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