On and off again JW girlfriend

by Crzysin 25 Replies latest social relationships

  • steve2

    If you must bite the bullet over anything let it be ending the relationship.

  • Crzysin

    @out4good4 I will defiantly take a look.

    @incognito she does feel it's the truth but that doesn't stop her from doing this that and the other. All of which are df offenses. And to my knowledge she has never dated/courted a JW.

    @ everyone, thank you so much for your replies, thought maybe I'd be able to skate by after the dunking, kinda like any other marriage convert. Haha, crazy is as crazy does

  • joe134cd
  • GLTirebiter

    If you marry her, you also marry the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, Inc. Does that scenario appeal to you? If not, then do not get baptized in the name of the Society and cut off the relationship. You are doing neither her nor yourself a favor by pursuing a relationship with which you have serious reservations.

  • millie210

    You sound like an easy going likeable guy.

    I worry for you that the rules and regs once you are baptized would eat you alive.

    I had one other thought. Your child you are raising with ex, give some thought to how this would impact her. She would have two extremely different lifestyles to have to move between.

  • Perfidious

    I highly recommend not getting baptised. If she loves you for you she'll marry you anyway. You clearly love her for her. If that's not reciprocated, then you know where you stand.

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