Can anyone name a single incident when bethel has fed the poor ever ?

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  • jwleaks

    Yes. I have noticed that the following members of the governing body of jehovah's witnesses:

    • Geoffrey Jackson
    • Mark Sanderson, and
    • Anthony Morris III

    have all taken a 'Vow of Poverty' and that they are all well fed by bethel and jehovah's sandwiches.

  • Earnest

    When there was the persecution in Malawi and the brothers fled to camps in Zambia and Mocambique, the Witnesses in South Africa sent many truckloads of provisions/donations to the camps.

  • Diogenesister
    heard that on 9-11 they opened the doors and handed out cookies or sandwiches as people fled Manhattan over the bridge.

    Someone on this board said people would have to exit the bridge to walk past Bethel. Sounds like a JW "Chinese whispers" myth to me.

  • HiddlesWife

    Hell, Bethel doesn't even look after the well being of the R&F (PIMI or PIMO) whenever they are in dire financial straits or not.

    Many JDubs (like myself) who have experienced financial problems had to fend for themselves without the "support" of the Borg. The only rhetoric from the elduhs, which the brothers and sisters always receive is: "Wait on Jehovah, and He will provide in due time", plus "Remain faithful to Jah and His Organization, and you will receive blessings--hopefully employment that will not interfere with meetings and field service" and the so-on like.

    Bottom line=> The H8teful 8 GB don't give a damn about anyone else but themselves (as we can see from they're crying constantly for donations, the real estate sales of Brooklyn Bethel/many KHs and especially Warwitch)!

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