Withdrawing community support in the congs

by purrpurr 65 Replies latest jw friends

  • purrpurr

    Things could be so much different in the cong if they would only allow women to be elders too... but of course that will never happen!

  • Nrs83

    As the only single mother in the cong.. I'm still waiting for some one to show interest with 'the fatherless boy'....

    Instead those children belonging to pioneer/spiritually strong families seem to get all the attention.... Taken on trips..playing football...

    Why am I bothering!

  • ttdtt

    Nrs83 - dont bother! Get out and save your kid before to much damage is done!!

  • sparrowdown

    Nrs83 - agree with ttdtt here, the last thing your child needs is for some JW to show interest in them out of pity. Protect him from them.

  • Vidiot

    @ Nrs83...

    Yup, trust me, lady...

    ...you and your kid can do without that kind of "interest".

    For a whole bunch of reasons.

  • 2curious

    Zero support in my former congregation. My husband was DFd (not long after not receiving a shepherding call he asked for). He asked the elders to look out for me and our son spiritually; suggested that maybe their wives could invite me to go in service. It never happened. I ended up leaving my husband, so... single mom. Not one time did the elders (or anyone else) reach out to ask if I needed help, invite us over, etc. Only time I heard from the elders in that last 5 years was when one of them texted me to scold me for commenting on a DFd person's FB post 30 minutes prior.

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