Withdrawing community support in the congs

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  • nonjwspouse

    Alex B, education, education, education, of our children is the ONLY way to starve the JW recruitment ( and other damaging cults)

  • steve2

    A JW acquaintance of my family was beset with a number of physical health challenges that took her away from regular meeting attendance - but she remained “active” still managing to get in a few hours a month informal witnessing. Elders knew she was struggling with her physical health. Few if any in her local Kingdom Hall bothered to visit her. One day whilst they were in the door-to-door ministry nearby, a couple of JW sisters called on her - at the same time her non-Witness male neighbor was mowing her lawns.

    Red flag! Who was this man? How appropriate was it that she, a divorced woman (on Scriptural grounds), accepted the kindness of a non JW male?

    Within days, elders visited. Not to inquire about her health and offer support; but rather to ask her more questions about the “nature” of her relationship with her neighbor. She protested innocence. At a subsequent Sunday meeting, she was summoned into the back room with three elders (I kid you not) and only after she was reduced to tears and pleading, did they accept she was innocent.

    A few muffled apologies by these men followed - but essentially she got the message: The most effective way to come to the attention of the elders is to be the victim of a rumour - they will be in contact with a scary swiftness.

    Meanwhile, suffering at home, with health conditions sapping her strength and will, the elders are no where to be seen.

    This, brothers and sisters, is the heart and “soul” of JW organization.

  • Wakanda

    Just look at the leaked videos about going to the cong you are assigned whether it makes sense or not. They were splitting up families. They are purposely tearing apart their communities. I've seen it with combining congs. They don't' just combine, they move people all over the place that have come to know each other. It's a mess, and people are more zombie ish than ever because they are supposed to be happy, but they are more miserable than ever.

    It's like crackdown on big parties in the 80s, but now they are switching up congregations. Like if people don't get too familiar with each other, apostasy won't break out!

  • Vidiot

    I'm telling you, it's like they want to get rid of the "lukewarm"; they're giving them virtually every incentive to bail.

  • purrpurr

    Yes I agree, but it doesn't take much to reduce a zealous jw to a lukewarm one... changed of personal circumstances, unkindness from other jws and boom. Suddenly the former zealous one realises how people get treated when they're not in vogue. From there it's a slippery slope.

    I really think the gb are so terrified of apostates that they are shooting themselves in the foot when it comes to how they treat the flock

  • purrpurr

    Ps. Steve2 that poor woman! And those sisters who went tattling to the elders about possible wrong doing are sick, and the fact that their minds jumped straight there says far more about them than it does that poor sister.

    I hope it started the wheels in her head turning

  • Vidiot
    purrpurr - "I really think the GB are so terrified of apostates that they are shooting themselves in the foot when it comes to how they treat the flock..."

    It never occurred to me that the GB might actually be scared of us.

    Hate us? Sure.

    But afraid? You really think so?

    And if so, why? 'Cause if that's actually the case, the only reason I can think of is that...

    ...they think they're losing.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    I love your list Della

    I would like to add another even lower than old people.

    Depressed single Mum. It was after being hospitalised for depression I fully realised there was no love. None, not even pioneers had time to call on me for a coffee and the elder's wife who signed for my medication passed it on to my next door neighbour who didnt even speak English to dispense twice a day.

    I wasn't allowed to drive or cook so if it wasnt for my worldly neighbours I would not have managed and it was a born again Christian asked me "where are your brothers and sisters? Why aren't they helping you" helped me "wake up".

  • asp59

    Appointment has always had to do with how many hours you do each month. And if other elders like you. Last 4 years they been working on changing that. Watchtower wants the CO to choose the elders. And the main qualification was if the person show fruits of the spirit in there life. Imagine that a organization that claim to be Christian after about 140 years of existence gonna now apply the biblical principal of appointments have to be guided by holy spirit(fruits of the spirit). To bad that didn't work out for them. They send to letter's to congregations around the world that you don't want to show fruit's of the spirit you can't have a appointment. Seems the elders were not much interested in the change. So a third letters is not coming to congregations. Also person has to be sound of mind. Wonder if that's apply to not going around talking a about tights pants the hole time😋

  • UnshackleTheChains

    They are an all work no play, one size fits all bullshit cult/publishing company masquerading as the one true Christian religion that recruits people for their money. That's why they offer little or no support.

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