Living with Your Parents Well Into Adulthood the Norm?

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  • Sorry

    Thank you all for your responses. Like most of you have said, economic times are tough, and I agree there's no shame with asking for help. However, I can't help but feel for Witnesses who are up in age and are solely dependent on their parents.

    The three daughters I mentioned in the OP have lived with their parents their whole lives. The eldest is 42 and has never been married or had kids. Whenever I'm in service with her, she brags about living simply, having all her expenses taken care of and spending all her days in field service. She keeps telling me I should never move out. Her parents are in their mid to late 70s, what will the girls do when their parents pass? Makes me sad because they are actually nice people. I can't imagine being 42 and never being on your own or the only bill you've ever paid was your car insurance.

  • LongHairGal


    I have to laugh out loud at the idea of a middle-aged JW female who lives in a broom closet giving advice to somebody about "living simply". This is a joke really. I couldn't even see myself having a conversation with somebody like this.

    It would be a different story if a responsible human being who works for a living gave you this advice. They could give particular pointers. Whereas she had nothing to say except foolishness.

    I do hope the family she comes from is wealthy and that when the parents die she will get an inheritance. But, somebody that helpless at an advanced age will end up living with somebody as a roommate!

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