JW Parents in bad shape with no retirement.

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  • blownaway

    My wife's parents are in very bad shape. They are both 2nd Gen JWs. My father in law worked for a large American manufacturing company in the 60s and early 70s. When it got closes to the 1975 date he quit his job moved north of the state he was in, into the country "where the need was great" and started his own small body /mechanic shop. They struggled to make ends meet. He never saved much money and would tell me he will never die the end bla bla bla. Well he is 80, has a brain tumor, hart condition among other issues. His wife my wife's mother has Alzheimer to the point she has to stay in a facility because he can not take care of her. He has absolutely no money to his name. Maybe a few grand. He has stopped going to assemblies not because of belief but health. I don't say a word to my wife about it as she is going through enough, but they really made their bed.

    I am not trying to be obtuse or indifferent but I had talked and talked till I was blue in the face that they needed to focus on the future and saving some money for retirement. He would say there will be no need for retirement in this old world. I am sure many hear have heard this shit before. To me this is where the damage comes in. People who are not as smart as some, buy in whole sale don't think and don't plan. I saw my Grandfather who was a CO SP and elder one of the three at any one time most of his life. He hit 52 and could see things were not working out and took a job as a prison guard, [in shipping and receiving , refused to use a gun but was in contact with prisoners so was eligible for a pension in 10 years of work] and quietly positioned himself for that pension. His last few years they wanted him to qualify with a gun but he kept dodging it. The cult is so damaging its crazy. The very same Grandfather went to two semesters of collage. Played football and wanted to be a coach. But he met my Grandmother who was a JW freak and cest la vie

  • Simon

    Yeah, they screw people's live up and then discard them leaving others to pick up the pieces. I wonder what pension provision the higher-ups get? Do they contribute to a scheme or do they just expect the society in future to pay for and fund their care in old age?

  • humbled
    I wonder what pension provision the higher-ups get?

    I wish we could know

  • Spiral

    Hi Simon, my understanding is the higher-ups will be able to stay at Warwick forever. I believe they have carers (and/or a nursing home) on site to take care of them. If that's not true can someone please correct me.

    But, meanwhile, there is nothing for all the ones of that generation that have saved nothing. The government that they have disrespected for so long now is their only lifeline for any care in their old age.

    Sisters with "worldly" husbands (or widows, usually at this age) have funds because of non-JW family that earned a retirement for them.

    What a mess.

  • careful

    BA, thanks for the thread. Smart move on your grandpa's part.

    Simon, the very high ups do get to stay under the care of doctors and nurses at HQ till their death. Does anyone know if Warwick has a special center for them now? At Brooklyn they had a sort of extended clinic for them. They must have worked in some sort of center for aging ones when they planned Warwick.

  • Finkelstein

    Yes the higher up men and their wives of the WTS ie. GB are looked after for their health and medical needs as they age right up until their deaths.

    They have no worries about retirement $$$, one could say they are living in their retirement when they travel around the world and get treated as rock star celebrities.

    That's another reason why the GB are endeavored to keep the organization ongoing, its vitally important to them.

  • carla

    "Sisters with "worldly" husbands (or widows, usually at this age) have funds because of non-JW family that earned a retirement for them."- then there are the female ubm's who struggle with male jw thought on the whole matter.

  • pale.emperor

    What a mess. Sorry to hear about their situation, you did try to warn them. I can sympathise with them because when I was in and a 100% believer i actually wished i could stop paying into a workplace pension scheme. Regarding it as "a waste of money because i'll never get old".

    How silly of me.

    The GB live on a blank cheque. They may as well be millionaires. Food, admiration, respect... not to mention gifts they receive from their "fans".

  • blownaway

    I have a cousin who went to Bethel out of high school. He worked up to purchase agent, married a woman from the Philippine Branch office and has been with the cult since. She works taking care of the older unable to take care of themselves GB and higher ups. So I don't know what they do as far as any monies go but they are taken care of, place to live, health care, what ever they need. Its like a dictator, they don't need money because what money buys is given them.

  • Finkelstein

    That's not to say that everyone who works at HQ branches is going to be looked after right up until they die.

    There have been many that were let go forcing their relatives look after them in shelter and care.

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