JW Parents in bad shape with no retirement.

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  • LongHairGal


    Anybody in the JW religion who thinks it’s “worldly” and “materialistic” to have provisions for retirement had better not look in the direction of anybody who DID plan for retirement!!

    These hypocrites with selective memory loss better call up their so-called spiritual friends and ask THEM for money..you know..the ones who invited them to those special gatherings!..They better not be thinking that somebody who they criticized and shunned as “materialistic” or “not spiritual” owes them even the time of day.

    Sorry, but that’s how it is as far as I’m concerned.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Current Jehovah's Witnesses pay close attention! This will be your fate if you don't accept the reality that the future they promise you is a man made control scam. Get out!

  • smiddy3

    Many of them that criticized Christendom as the Harlot that rides the Beast are now living in their Church funded Aged Care homes.

  • ToesUp

    "I don't need money, I have Jehovah!"

    I don't know about anybody on this forum but I have not been sent any "manna from heaven" lately. Everything we earn, we do with a lot of hard work! No hand outs from Jah yet!!!

  • Acluetofindtheuser

    I was told by an elder many years ago that I should invest in the 401k plan on my first job that had one. I said, "Isn't the end so near that we won't be needing a retirement savings?" He said, "You need to save for retirement just in case the paradise is way off in the distant future ." He's still in but he's too old to have elder duties anymore.

  • Virgochik

    My dad retired at fifty six. My mom inherited a nice nest egg from her father. They squandered the money on pioneering. They did no upkeep on their home, which grandpa gave to them, so they didn't even have mortgage expenses. Dad refused to buy life insurance, because he wouldn't be dying. He died. The house was declared uninhabitable due to mold from years of ground water seepage. Mom now lives in a tiny apartment, rent subsidized by the state. She gets by on social security- no savings, no life insurance, no inheritance left, no end of this system of things, no clue why I'm disgusted.

  • ToesUp

    We continue to be amazed at how family still holds onto, "the end is just around the corner." They refuse to change their circumstances so we have to stand by as they all "wait on Jah." Ugh!!!!

  • Jayk

    I was pretty suprised to find out I'm in a family members will who is a witness..

  • skin

    "Simplify your life, reduce your work hours, don't forget to donate to JW.org," This is what we hear coming from the talks, this is what we get told to do as a service to God. It is unfortunate that the very ones that can-not afford to do these instructions, are the ones that listen and continually live day to day struggling. And then when they get to a point in their life, where they financially have nothing, guess who gets the blame for their situation, none other than Satan and the pressures of this wicked system of things.

  • Jayk

    I remember a talk once where a husband and wife were up on stage and had a talk with another brother. I think the husband was a elder.. He was very smart but all he did was clean pools. I don't think she worked, she was probably a pioneer. Money was tight and she could barely afford new shoes. she broke down on stage crying during the whole thing about the situation. Im assuming being a elder and writing talks takes up alot of time. Cleaning pools was probably the only job that would allow him to juggle that schedule. I'm not sure what the talk was trying to accomplish.

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