JW Parents in bad shape with no retirement.

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  • blownaway

    I would say you have to have been there since ever and be up high to get this kind of help. Otherwise you are SOL

  • LongHairGal


    This is one of the biggest issues I have with the JW religion:..telling the rank & file there’s no need to plan for the future or retirement. I am sorry your parents and many other JWs are casualties of this idiot teaching.

    The bible tells us the lowly ant stores up. Why would we not?

    I let the JWs foolishness go in one ear and out the other. The result was that I was gossiped about and labeled (the Witnesses favorite pastime). All the popular Witnesses went to gatherings I was not invited to...

    Well...fast forward to now and I am many years “faded” and almost four years retired. I am so very grateful I did not listen to the Witnesses and very glad I’m not around them!

  • Finkelstein

    Let it be known that the leaders of the WTS have been self serving apathetically power driven men, looking out for themselves, hence the lying and deceiving doctrinal propagations.

    What they do keeps them in power and money , exploiting believers who think they are god's chosen ones FDSL .

    Of course if one really reads the bible and the words of Jesus Christ they aren't they are simply commercialized false Prophets.

  • lastmanstanding


    I like it...

  • Nevuela

    "He has absolutely no money to his name. Maybe a few grand."

    I'm confused. Either he has no money to his name, or he has a few thousand dollars, which is like the polar opposite of no money. Sure, a few grand won't last long, but that still puts him leagues ahead of people like me who live on less than $1,000 per month. Do you mean that he has no income to his name, and that the "few grand" is just what he happens to have sitting in his savings account?

  • Finkelstein

    If one were to measure and evaluate the good the JWS does for people I would make an approximation of 30 % for good , 70 % bad, of course this varies from one individual to the next.

    Ironically the ones who put more into themselves as in special pioneering or working at the Branches, they seem to end up in the worse predicament because they didn't save up for retirement and the WTS doesn't have a retirement plan set up for them.

    Locally I've seen JWS wives who husbands have died not in very good state, unless the husband bought some property these wives can sell and live off the proceeds.

    The End didn't come but realistically it wasn't suppose to on a speculative gamble that mankind was living in the last days during the 20th century.

    It was just selling doctrine the WTS made up to attract attention to the literature it published..... shsssh dont tell anyone

  • ToesUp

    Yes. We are watching our family go through tough times as well. They have given up 401k's, higher education, some gave up children and marriage. Now...they are stuck working hard labor jobs just to pay their bills.

    They won't admit it but we sense there is some resentment towards WT for all of their broken promises. WT has a lot of blood on their hands.

  • Finkelstein

    WT has a lot of blood on their hands.

    In more ways than one

  • Captain Schmideo2
    Captain Schmideo2
    "A few grand" sounds like less than 5k. One medical emergency later, that money is wiped out, and it didn't even pay for the aspirin at the hospital.

    Many of us, even with decent paying jobs, will never be able to really retire. Not even on Social Security, since the a$$holes in Congress want to get there hands on that and hand it over to their cronies on Wall Street. But, for those that worked as minimally as possible, people like my Mother In Law, who never worked, never contributed to SSI, whose monthly maintenance is solely dependent on the fact that her husband (not a Witness) gets a pretty big check based on his past earnings. If he goes first, she is going to get a very harsh reality. But, quoting her,"I don't need money, I have Jehovah!" (Who, while he loves taking money in, never seems to dish any of it back out to his faithful "sheep".)
  • stillin

    Planning for retirement or having any "emergency" funds is worldly, worldly, worldly! It's an article of faith to be living on the edge of poverty because Jesus taught his followers to pray for the bread of each day. Anything beyond that is materialistic!

    My faithful wife wants to spend my retirement account so bad she can taste it!

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