what do you prefer, love or good regular sex?

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  • Sassy

    There was a guy I really cared about when a JW. He was actually parlyzed from the neck down. We met online and I didn't know he had this problem.. but I saw him fall for me and by him doing so he took a piece of my heart with him. I actually would have given up sex to be with him because he was an awesome person.. But of course then I thought only a few years more and the new system will be here and he will walk again.. and........

  • Yerusalyim

    Emotion (love if you must) and committment turn "ok" sex into great sex.

  • maxwell

    If the love is the romantic type boy-girl love, I'd choose good regular sex. If you mean love in general, I suppose I would have to choose love.

    When I read this question, it was kind of hard to see that hypothetical situation at first. There's always been people who loved me, parents, siblings, family members, friends, etc. So I don't know what its like to be unloved, however I do recognize the value of having love in my life. But I do know what its like to be without romantic love and my life was not any worse at the time. Good regular sex would be a more simple and purely enjoyable option.

  • Maverick

    What ? You can't have both? Sex is fun and I have to really like the lady or forget it. As for love, well...if I start to feel too much for a lady I'm outta there! I'm never going to let some woman have that kind of control over me again! My daughter is the only woman that will ever have my heart totally and without restraint. My lady friends...and I have a few...do try to corner me...but I'm not having it! Funny thing is the more I back off the more they come to me...go figure! They seem to want to try to win me over! I'm honest about not getting too involved, they say they understand, but I know they would like more from me. Not a happin thing! So to answer your question, I'll take their love and their sex! Maverick

  • talesin
    is this normal or are the people i know just freaks?

    Yes, it's normal, and no, they are not freaks, they are cheaters.

    In answer to your question, both. It's all or nothing, and unless I happen on the right person I will remain a free agent who can enjoy her sexuality fully without betraying my partner.


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