You have won 32.5 million dollars!!!!!

by morty 26 Replies latest jw friends

  • xjw_b12

    I bought 5 plays plus encore, but I'm too chicken shit to check them. I'd much rather daydream about the possibilities, than have them dashed.

    On a serious note I would like to make a substantial donation, to our homeless community. They have closed down one womens's facility, and the current homeless shelter, is bursting at the seams, and needs a new larger facility, but is receiving opposition at every turn from residents and business people who are NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard)

    On a frivolous note, If I won. I would fly every one who wanted, to our part of the country at the height of summer, rent one of our awesome campgrounds, provide accomadation for all and treat you to some awesome NWO hospitality.

    Perhaps a hike on the Sleeping Giant to the bird observatory.

    Deep lake fishing on Lake Nipigon for 40 Lb Lake trout, or fly in fishing to a resort, where you can get the days limit, off of the dock before 10:00 am.

    Scuba diving on one of the many designated ship wreck sites.

    And I quess we could throw a party or two in there as well !


  • Sargon

    I'm hoping you win xjw... I haven't been west in 20 years. Love that part of Ont!!

  • Country_Woman

    buy the house in which I am living for the moment (2 months before I have to leave), rebuild the bathroom, build another staircase and hire some help for cleaning the house.
    Live happily ever after....

  • Sassy

    I'd buy each and EVERONE one of you a drink!!

  • Sneaky Russian
    Sneaky Russian

    Invest, share with every member of my immediate family and live like kings for the rest of our lives.

    Also, I would not tell one soul.

  • freelife

    I would buy myself a property on the shores of the riveara maya in mexico have myself a couple of workers and just sit on the beach or in my pool and just enjoy life.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    It takes SEVEN numbers to win? (and I thought we had it bad with SIX).... Yikes! Good Luck.

  • morty

    Well, I did not win the big one, but I did get 4 numbers...what that pays, I'm not sure yet....

    btw Amazing, we do not have to pay taxes here on our winnings....Its ALL ours when we win

    What a dream it would be to not ever have to worry about money again......Oh well, just to think about the big win is stressful enough....Don't know how I would really handle having that much money...They do say, money does not buy happiness, but I could find a way to be happy with that much coin.....I certainly know that all my family and close friends would all be comfy, and never have to worry about funds again..


  • Smyler

    Well, I did not win the big one, but I did get 4 numbers...what that pays, I'm not sure yet....

    Super 7 Prize Payouts

    2nd6 + Bonus$102,601.2014
    6th3 + Bonus$10.00592,226
    7th3Free Ticket5,359,539

    According to this you just made 10 bucks!

  • SpunkyChick

    I won the Coloardo lottery last, matched three numbers baby! I won $3! Hmmmm what to do with my $3....*ponders*

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