You have won 32.5 million dollars!!!!!

by morty 26 Replies latest jw friends

  • morty

    So what would you do with it???

    Tonights super7 lottery is worth 32.5 million dollars....

    What would you buy with all this money?

    Do you really think you would be happy with this much coin?

    My lucky numbers are 2,4,10,27,30,46,49...........COME ON NUMBERS!!!!


  • drwtsn32

    Wow... what I could do with 32.5 million dollars!!

    Oh wait, is that Canadian currency? Never mind...

  • avishai

    I would get the best attorneys money could buy & help people sue the wts.

  • CountryGuy
    Do you really think you would be happy with this much coin?

    Well, I could certainly try.

    For starters, I'd never have to sit in morning rush hour traffic again!

  • Simon

    We'd have a big apostafest somewhere ... on a nice tropical island

    And I'd be straight down to the Canadian embassy to ask for a passport

  • simplesally

    Pay off bills, pay off my mom and dad's bills, set up some trust funds, finish doing my house..........sell it and buy one where there'd be enough room to just hire one full time person to live with me and my daughter so I didn't have to cook and clean.

    Buy an RV (caravan for those of you in England). Travel.

  • Amazing

    First, the winner does not get 32 Million ... after federal and state taxes combined, they get about 16 million ... so my choices would be limited ...

    After making sure my kids finished college, and help them financially ... I would speed up my college time to full time, and get my law degree, and then start working for a lawfirm that would be going after religions that shield child molesters ... I could afford to do that and wait for any contingency money for many yeats ... it would be the best of both worlds.

    Yes, some charitable activity would be good ... but I would choose programs that help people to lift themselves up, and not be dependant on charity ... there are so many choices, that it would be hard to know where to start. - Jim W.

  • flower

    I would buy a nice house in a nice neighborhood and go back to school to earn my degree while my kid was in school then take two months off every summer to travel.

    Every weekend we would be in box seats watching our favorite sports team and we'd be at every major sporting event the superbowl, world series, stanley cup and nba finals,..heck I think I'd even go to Wimbledon and the Australian Open. Definately would be at the winter and summer olympic games.

    I would build a huge mansion with an exceptional day care center and invite struggling single moms to live there for free as long as they are going to school full time and working part time. Then I'd put the down payment on their small starter house and a small car and give them a head start in life.

    :) oh can dream anyway.

  • talesin


    SURPRISE!! Canadians do NOT have to pay taxes on lottery winnings or insurance settlements. We only have to pay taxes on the earnings we make AFTER we receive the money.

    so, with my 32 million, I would help some of my friends with necessities (like housing, transportation), establish a foundation that set up programs for artists, those with addictions and the disabled.

    Then, I would disappear, find myself a cozy cottage somewhere by the ocean (in a warmer climate) and be a professional student while I work on my art.

    Oh yes, and I would always sign my own cheques.


  • Sargon

    I just checked my tickets... I'm ripping them up as we speak. Didn't even win a lousy free ticket!!

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