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  • acsot
    I was mostly thinking of my grandparent's who are on both sides of the family now in their seventies, they have spent so much time in the truth and have settled into a comfortable, casual routine in their retirements. so i argued to myself that from an ethical stand-point would it not be kind to leave them in peace with their beliefs? have they earned that right to be left alone at that age?... note that i haven't made any desicion either way... i'm still contemplating this one.... but i'd appreciate feedback, do you agree? disagree?

    What possible good would come of it if they did indeed open their eyes to the "truth", only to realize that they wasted their whole lives? It's too late for them to start over. At this point in their lives, they deserve peace. If they're comfortable and happy, why ruin it for them?

    And BTW, Welcome!!! great post!

  • dustin_adam

    thanks for the responce ascot, I tend to agree, although I accidentaly found myself in a discussion with my grandmother yesterday as we went and ran errands in Bellingham, but luckily she's a Jehovah's Witness that isn't afraid to challenge her beliefs, and simple minded enough (though not unintelligent) to never allow herself to be faltered, which is impressive in itself, not many people have that much true faith in their beliefs.

    and, per request by member nosferatu I am posting a bio in "Personal Experiences & Reunions"


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