So, here i go: I was raised as JW, although I never got baptised (even though I was constantly under pressure to do so) I spent little time in the service, and none of my own accord. I did however spend a good nine or ten years in the Theocratic Ministry School, and, I must say, that if nothing else i appreciate being taght how to speak in public, although hopefully such training will in future backfire on them. We all have our reasons for leaving the "Truth" as they say, mine are... well... more personal than i'd like to share here, although part of what later severed me from them was my sexual orientation (gays are evil, as you all know). I appreciate being a member of this site, in time i hope i can contribute new ideas or at least help in shedding new light on topics already under discussion. And, hopefully, with some perserverance I can help remove more family members from the clutches of, as you have endeared them, the Borg.