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  • Sargon


    My answer to the search for truth reflects my attitude of skepticism to all matters regarding theology or philosophy. Somewhere along the line I became the jaded nihilist, I've got no time for anyone who has all the answers... that includes Dr. Phil.

    BTW I checked my messages.

  • JamesThomas

    truth we have this moment -- is this conscious living moment. Perhaps it would be wise to look deeper here, than in the fickle fragmentation of the minds beliefs and religions. j

  • bisous

    IMO, asking 'who has the real truth then' indicates you are carrying remnants of JW cult doctrine, as well as many other religions, in that you are expecting there is THE truth or one truth.

    Consider the possibility that one doctrinal truth does not exist. Rather individuals create their own truth with ongoing discovery through life experience, defined personal values and priorities that apply to their individual needs and situation.

    The teaching of one truth allows subjugation through fear, control, manipulation, arrogance, judgemental thought.

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    I always thought that each religion/belief system is a little tributary leading into the River of Life.


  • logansrun

    The Bible is a very important piece of literature and I think anyone who does not take it seriously as such is missing out. That being said, it ultimately fails.

    Yes, I have no clue how some people could leave the JWs and then go into some other form of Christianity, especially a fundy-type version. It boggles my mind, actually.


  • wednesday

    one thought came to mind as i read the respones here. Life after death or not. There surley must be one answer. If God did create us, then there surley must be one eventuality for man. God is not a short order cook, one destiny for those that believe they will go to heaven, one for those that believe they will be reincarnated and so on.

  • bisous

    wednesday --

    Of course, that assumes that God Is.

  • Nadsam
    Nadsam make sense !

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    Of course, that assumes that God Is. make sense !

    Well then Nadsam, it looks like you've already made up your mind and answered your own question.

  • bisous

    double edge:

    I think Nadsame might have been commenting on my previous post.

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