What the Fox News Network thinks of the BBC

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  • Badger


    I would belive that Fox did provide balance, IF CNN did stifle conservative thought...but from what you can see of my link, that's clearly not the case.

    The liberal voices on CNN (Carville and Begalla) are always balanced by counterparts on the right (Carlson, Kurtz, Novak). CNBC has Dennis Miller, who hasn't made a new joke in 8 years and is also a total Bush Mark. MSNBC has Joe Scarborough (R-Dead Intern), and Chris the Screamer Matthews. No liberal on these networks with their own show and ideology to send out practally unopposed. And talk radio is nearly 100% right wing.

    If you can cite ONE news analysis show with an OBVIOUS Liberal Bias, let me know. There has been less discussion about Bush's financial past than ther has been about Clinton's. Clinton was investigated for 8 full years and then sorta lied about sex...he was impeached. Bush wasn't investigated until he sorta lied about why we went to war...now he is and the Conservative media is up in arms about the So-Called Liberal Media

    The two largest media organizations in the US are Fox and Clear Channel...who have been allowed to grow solely because of de-regulation sponsored by republicans. And no one can argue that they don't have a blatant conservative bias.

    The So-Called Liberal Media was coined back in the 60's by the conservative movement simply to work the crowd and to convince the media to "allow a true balanced voice." No one can deny the huge presence of a right-wing media, better financed and more vocal than a liberal one.

  • outoftheorg

    Hi Sneaky.

    You sure can print very good english/american for a Russian national.

    Where or how did this come about?


  • Yerusalyim
    I wonder, was it the saiors or the powers that be?


    That's an honest question, I can only tell ya the scuttlebutt that I've heard, however, if the Sailors wanted and were being denied BBC don't you think the BBC would have reported this by now?

    The BBC is no better than CNN or SKY or FOX. (US Soldiers ask for FOX).

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    I can't speak for the BBC completely but any reports I have seen from them have been very objective in their reporting. Unlike the Fox news that forgot they were supposed to report objrctively but instead were GW's biggest cheer leaders. I was completely disgusted at both CNN and Fox news biased pro war stance last year. If I wanted to watch some balanced news reporting I would watch our CBC news coverage.


  • imallgrowedup

    Badger -

    I have enjoyed talking with you in chat, and I am not looking for a fight here. I have a feeling we are going to have to start out by agreeing to disagree, because our world views are opposite. I've spent half my day in this thread, and I am ready to put it to bed. So, I'll make it brief and answer your question regarding naming a liberally biased show. I will have to tell you that I don't know the specific names of the shows the people I can list are on, but I can tell you the specific names of the individuals. Here is my short list:

    Perhaps one of the most liberally biased meda individual that immediately comes to mind is Katie Couric. Matt Lauer is right up there, too, along with Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, and Ted Koppel. In fact, Ashleigh Banfield has been reprimanded for her liberal bias by her own employer, MSNBC.

    Honestly, Badger, I'm tired of this conversation - not with you - but the conversation. I always do this to myself. I love politics, but I know what they do to people. Yet I have trouble staying out of the political threads. So I go in anyway, then I end up beating my head against the wall, and promptly vow to never go in them again. I hold out as long as I possibly can, then I see one and tell myself, "I'll just make one post and not go back". But then, I just HAVE to see if someone has responded, and if they have, then I just can't help but responding again. And before I know it, I've spent the whole day in a thread defending my position on a board where there are 30 liberals for every conservative. And the cycle has begun again - but I deny it. And I foolishly think I am going to change someone's mind! I'm not going to - anymore than you or Matty or Simon or Bradley are going to change mine! Eventually, after hitting my head against the wall to the point that blood is pooling on the floor, I realize that I have allowed myself to be sucked back into the hopeless rhetoric. Once I realize this, I become suddenly weary of the exercise in futility. I just don't want to play anymore. I am back at the point of vowing to stay out of political threads again. Sorry not to put up the good fight with ya. I'm just tired of the bloodbaths. Just know that I really do respect your opinion, whether I agree with it or not. I hope you can respect mine, too.


  • TD

    It's can be aggravatingly difficult sometimes to really define what is the political "center" for the simple reason that one man's liberal is often another man's conservative.

    However there are plenty of issues that really truly divide and polarize liberals and conservatives here in the U.S.. One either believes in a women's fundamental right to choose post-pregnancy (and all that this implies) or one does not. One either believes that keeping and bearing arms is a fundamental civil right (and all that this implies) or one does not. I could go on, ad nauseam, but even with just these two issues, those that answer "yes, but..." and attach conditions to what the left and right respectively consider to be fundamental rights are either somewhat right of left or somewhat left of right as the case may be.

    I'm not intimately familiar with British politics, but there must be similar examples accross the pond as well.

    The point (and question) here is whether the major media outlets come down on one side or the other on those issues that truly divide and polarize liberals and conservatives. It seems that anyone labeling their slant as "liberal" or "conservative" would have to be prepared to offer examples.

    My two cents, anyway


  • talesin


    If you can cite ONE news analysis show with an OBVIOUS Liberal Bias, let me know.

    The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

    Although it's from Comedy Central, so ... I'm probably alone in considering it a "news analysis show".

    Most nights I'm cheering Jon and his crew on ... as well as having a good laugh. For me, it's a welcome relief from the propaganda that's served up as "news analysis" on the more serious shows.


    Jon Stewart - the new and improved Dennis Miller; and btw, whatever happened to Charles Grodin?

  • Badger


    I'm not bothered by a difference of opinon...I think it's kinda fun and admirable....I don't take these personal and try not to get personal, either, and just have fun with it...Just ask Yeru....Respond all you want! It's great!

    For goodness sakes...I'm a liberal in TEXAS... If I held grudges against conservatives, I'd been in poor shape.

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