What the Fox News Network thinks of the BBC

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  • talesin

    I can't imagine the BBC caring what Fox News thinks. Network "News" is mostly infotainment and political spin doctors' planted stories. Not that I'm CYNICAL or anything.

    I'll take BBC or CBC over network (US or CDN) any day of the week (with a grain of salt, of course).


  • xjw_b12

    FOX News criticizing the BBC. That's a load of crap.

    After 9-11 I cancelled all of my U.S satellite feeds. I just found the rhetoric of the talking heads at stations like CNN and FOX too much to handle.

    I have always found BBC's coverage to be fair and concise. And as here in Canada with the CBC, which is funded with taxpayers money, it is usually the first network to expose government wrongdoing.

  • imallgrowedup

    Matty -

    The truth of the matter is that the owners of all stations have their own personal agendas - it's just that the owner of FOX happens to have a different one. As far as not allowing dissenting ideas on his channel, he isn't any more guilty of this than any other network. The great thing about America is that we have The Constitution of the United States which grants us the freedom to have and watch news stations with all different slants. Isn't that wonderful? We have the rare opportunity to see all different sides to something with the flip of a remote control. I choose to watch FOX not just because I don't like the spin I perceive that other networks put on the news, but because I can choose to watch FOX! Do I also watch other networks? Occasionally. But when watching them I know that something can not be "crammed" down my throat without my permission. I do not see other networks as a threat to my world view because I have the ability to choose for myself what to believe and what not to believe. Why is it that many people who abhor FOX news don't get that they have the same choices? Why is it that many people who want the choice to be able to watch something other than FOX, want my freedom TO watch FOX stifled? Why is it that many people who do not agree with the news content that FOX carries feel obligated to jump up and down and tell us who do agree with it what a bunch of idiots we are - especially in light of the fact that most of us who do enjoy watching FOX are glad that people who don't like it have the choice to watch something different? Sheesh!


  • stillajwexelder

    Second, if the BBC is funded by the governement and is politically biased because of this (as you imply) that would mean it would not criticise government action. But, that is exactly what they did and what this thread is all about. That's an inconsistency in your argument.

    Sorry what I am trying to say is whether you take it from who the BBC employs standpoint -- to who funds it -- there is no way it is 100% free from bias -- I enjoy watching the BBC by the way -- it is just IMHO not totally free from bias and tends to be left leaning

  • Matty

    Of course people are entitled to watch whatever they want. I guess I'm old-fashioned. I tend to like truth a lot more than what a news channel owner or a government thinks I need to know, and what is supposedly "good for me".

  • Yerusalyim

    Who has more to gain by lying to the public -- government or the media? Better yet, who has a greater need to cover their asses or outright lie about things -- government or the media?

    Methinks you could read some Thomas Jefferson.

    The BBC is now used to being in a position of power and influence...rather than reporting the news, it's fallen into the same trap as ALL media...trying to SHAPE the news.

    For my money Fox is the most balanced...where else can you get two polar opposites on the same show...Hannity and Colmes? In every news analysis I've watched on fox they try to get the best spokesperson possible to represent each side of the issue...usually...on CNN, you'll get the Head of the DNC for the liberal view ...and Joe, the idiot savant for the conservative view instead of someone fromt he right that actually has a vocabulary.

    Simon, you're off base, the charge that the government "sexed up" the reports is exactly what was proven to be a FALSE REPORT. You had reporters telling outright lies...but for me, the most condemning fact is that the Sailors of the Royal Navy didn't want the BBC to be broadcast on board ship.

  • Galimo

    I listen to the BBC World service every day.
    I take the BBC immediately withouth hesitation over CNN or Fox, or any US-American TV or Radio Feed.

    I cant stand the braindeath crap the US of A transponders try to feed the ignorant masses.

  • imallgrowedup

    Matty -

    The difference lies in what one considers to be the truth. We obviously have different opinions, but I don't go around insinuating that you are lacking the intellect to recognize truth when it is staring you in the face. Why do you and others who dislike the content on FOX insist on doing the same to me and my brethren? I guess I am the old fashioned one. I was taught not to insult others.


  • logansrun

    As much as I would probably have fun drinking a beer with Yeru or having tea with growedup, I must say both of you are absolutely out of touch with reality and are participating in the most insane "groupthink" I've seen outside of the JWs. You too stillajwelder.

    Fox News is shit. Total shit. If you can't see that you just might be a lost cause. Sucks to be you.


  • stillajwexelder

    logansrun - I respect your opinion -- we could drink together and I would be free to drink Sam Adams (my choice) you could drink what you like (your choice) and agree to be different

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