2017 International Regional Convention, Toronto – Entertainment at Sony Centre

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  • darkspilver

    Hey SAHS - thanks for the low-down highlighting that the format of the 'Special Conventions' has remained the same over the last few years as per the letter to those wishing to be a delegate:

    APPLICANT INSTRUCTIONS: 2017 Special Conventions: CONVENTION ARRANGEMENTS: The emphasis will be for the delegates to benefit, not only from the spiritual association during the three-day convention, but also to spend three additional days with the local brothers before or after the convention so that there may be “an interchange of encouragement by one another’s faith.” (Rom. 1:12) Hence, this would be a span of seven nights in the convention city. While in the convention city, the days immediately before or after the convention should not be arranged by a travel agency. Instead, the host branch office will create an itinerary for the delegate after receiving his activity preferences (for example, field service, attending gatherings with the local brothers, and visiting places of local interest together).


    And also as per the publicly accessible official Special Convention website:

    Locations > Canada > Are You Interested?

    Convention Arrangements: You will benefit, not only from the spiritual association during the three-day convention, but also by spending three additional days with the local brothers either before or after the convention so that there may be “an interchange of encouragement by one another’s faith.” (Rom 1:12)
    The host branch office will create an itinerary for your group based on your activity preferences. This will include field service, attending a gathering with local brothers and possibly visiting places of local interest.


    Generally there is one evening of entertainment provided to delegates - with selected locals providing the entertainment.

    Also for one day a local congregation will host a group of delegates - in the morning they'll be greeted at the local KH, then spend the morning on the ministry (getting to see BEHIND the tourist bright lights and allow them to get a feel for the local area) - they'll then enjoy lunch all together and have an afternoon for entertainment and chat/socialising, before the delegates return to their hotel in time for dinner.

    In addition the delegates can go on a number of 'tourist-style' sightseeing trips conducted by local brothers and sisters who have all been trained.

    Below is an example giving a feel for the whole experience, not just the entertainment, but also the welcome greetings etc etc - there are hundreds of similar videos on youtube


  • John Free
    John Free

    I was involved in arranging one of these events 3 or 4 years ago. While the wbts contributed nil to the expenses of the event; this was the 'privilege' of the local congregations, it wasn't a money making machine. I would say it's purpose was to create an extreme cult love experience.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    Well, Watchtower is totally main stream Christians now, complete with their own band and singers and everything. All they have to do now to make them totally like Christendom is have a snipet of this during the program and walla, there you have it.

    What a bunch of shit.

  • pale.emperor

    aaaaaaaaand we're one step closer to Scientology.

    I swear the GB are looking at other cults and taking notes.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    this so poor, I am glad I do not qualify for special stuff. this was the final straw that got me to sign in

  • smiddy

    The mind boggles

    what more can one say

  • joe134cd

    Welcome aboard road to nowhere

  • Skepsis

    It seems quite cultish. I mean, yes, it's ok to spend additional time with local brothers having some fun but why can't you spend part of the time visiting the city on your own whithout complete control from the Org? Do you really need to train brothers to be your tourist guides when there are real tourist guides?

    In fact, those events organised by local brothers are a charge to them in terms of work and money and in the way they described it, looks like a commercial event to raise funds.

  • jp1692

    @ 39:39" - Don't Be Cruel ... Oh, the irony.

    Back when I was a dub, we were discouraged from putting on local "talent shows" because it demonstrated a lack of humility, and of course: we should be involved in theocratic activities.

    So many times the WTBTS forbade the R&F from doing completely normal social things and yet later they end up doing the exact same thing. When WE would do it, it is bad. When THEY do it, it is good.

    Fucking hypocrites.

    As noted above, except for the hypocrisy, I no longer recognize this religion.

  • jp1692

    LTPF: Watchtower is totally main stream Christians now

    No. Main stream Christian religions do not practice institutionalized shunning. JWs are still a cult, but keep hoping!

    But I do agree with your last statement ... LOL!

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