2017 International Regional Convention, Toronto – Entertainment at Sony Centre

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  • SAHS

    Hello, all! I’ve been hearing from several very reliable sources that there will be an exclusive elite gala entertainment event hosted by the Watch Tower organization, featuring specially chosen Jehovah’s Witnesses of outstanding talent as well as spiritual reputation, at the Sony Centre (formerly called the O’Keefe Centre) in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) as a special “after hours” addition to the 2017 Special International Convention.

    Those chosen have to meet very strict criteria, including, not so much technical and popular talents, but, rather, their spiritual maturity which can be easily and practically related to by the audience (i.e., degree of conformity – you know what I mean!). A notable and very well-known professional “super star” from some other country (I don’t know which one) who has achieved highly recognized and popular talent was surprisingly not chosen to participate in the extra entertainment program, whereas other performers with rather ho-hum musical abilities ended up being selected, ostensibly for their altruistic and “theocratic” qualities. (Something tells me that there is going to be some jealousy and indignant, hard feelings over this rather authoritarian, arbitrary selection process. We’ll just have to see!)

    Certain specific congregations located near the area of the Toronto Pearson International Airport have been designated to take part, in shifts, in the official greetings of the international delegates as they arrive there.

    Locations for the actual 2017 International Regional Convention in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) will include the Toronro Air Canada Centre (the city’s modern hockey venue), as well as the Hershey Centre in Mississauga. (I haven’t checked any other locations in the GTA for the convention program. You will have to see the official JW Website for any other such details.)

    The specifics relating to exactly who the participants are in the entertainment program, and any other details relating thereto, are to be kept in the utmost secrecy. I do know, however, that the two cardinal stipulations emphatically imposed by the Governing Body upon all the approved international delegates is that, first they participate in field service arrangements during their stay; and, second, that they agree to attend the special gala evening of “extracurricular” entertainment hosted by the brothers and sisters through the organization.

    I was wondering if anyone else has been privy to, or has come upon, any knowledge of these “extra” arrangements to take place during the 2017 International Regional Convention. Has anyone heard about any similar kind of arrangements in your local area? What kinds of similar “hush-hush” preparations and selections of performers might their be in a congregation near you?


    More guilt-tripping - and another layer in the hierarchy - you can now aspire [reach out ] to be an Uber JW entertainer performer ....not the we encourage egotism or me-ism or divisions .............

  • jambon1

    Genuinely would rather put my balls in a food blender than listen to that shit.

  • tepidpoultry

    Of course this completely goes to the head of all involved, My aunt was involved in the 1978 Drama, she worked on custumes, the convention crowd was 60,000, I looked out at the stage and saw the cast seated, and there was my aunt seated with them, maybe they needed an emergency seamstress, I wondered about this over the years, maybe they should've had a medic as well in case someone scraped their knee (sarcasm sorry) :0)

  • sir82

    I am not near any international convention, so I don't know any other details.

    They've done these "special entertainment galas" for the past 3-4 years at the international conventions.

    It's really bizarre, the level of secrecy they go to. I know several people who have gone to the conventions and they never mention these things.

    The only I can think of, the only thing that would make sense to me, is that they use these "entertainment galas" as a fundraising opportunity.

    JWs who travel to these conventions are relatively wealthy. They are forced to use JW-approved hotels and travel arrangements, which are far from the least expensive.The conventions are almost inevitably in the "high season" in that region for tourism, so prices are even higher.

    JWs who travel to international conventions are, in a sense, "financially vetted". The WTS knows if they can afford the trip, they've likely got lots of $$$ saved up.

    So my best guess is that they are obligated to attend these "entertainment galas", in which there are dozens of prominently displayed contribution boxes and credit card readers, with posted signs encouraging donations, and none-too-subtle announcements about "how much would you pay to see a Broadway-style show with this level of entertainment?"

    Squeeze a few thousand JWs into one of these venues, pay the entertainment $0 (of course), and after expenses, the WTS probably rakes in a few hundred thousand $$$.

    The WTS likely has found something even more insanely profitable than regional conventions.

  • smiddy

    This topic is a joke right ? worse still its an apostate lie right ?surely it cant be true right ?


    The longer armageddon is delayed the more bizarre this religion gets.

  • joe134cd

    Hard to believe less than 10 years ago, assemblies were for recieving instruction from Jehovah, not a stage show. I don't even recognize this religion any more.

  • stuckinarut2

    Yes, these "events" happen at the time of every international convention.

    Don't worry all, as with all other times, videos WILL end up on youtube.... they always do....

    We can then all have a fun laugh dissecting the stupidity of it all.

  • konceptual99

    I wouldn't get too hung up on conspiracy theories. If this rumour is true is simply an evolution of what has been happening over and over again at International Conventions for several years now. We've seen visiting delegates "treated" to shows at assembly halls and other locations featuring local performers for entertainment and socialisation purposes.

    The venue would obviously be a step up from previous efforts but I don't see much more in it than that. I am sure there would be donation boxes around and people would feel motivated to donate but if they really wanted to make money then an assembly hall would be the ideal location.

    Don't get me wrong, I am sure they will have costed it out and won't be doing it for break-even or worse but I would say it's more about building a buzz around the convention as a whole and making it a desirable objective, something that can then be used to market future events.

    Yes the religion is changing but the big change is in the emotional and aspirational aspects. Doctrine is out the window in favour of regular hits of emotional highs. For me the money side has always been there in one form or another, some of the recent money grabs accepted.

  • ToesUp

    It happened in the US in 2014 in Atlanta. They worshipped the delegates.. It was believable to see how regular JW's where treated like Royalty.

    Here is the show they put on https://youtu.be/_d41Qmrkbu8

    Keep in mind 1000's of hours where spent in getting ready. I guess a talent show for elite Witnesses is more important then the Ministry?

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