Theocratic Ministry School

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  • LittleToe

    I, also, agree with Stilla.

    I enjoyed the TMS from my first Bible Reading (Jephthah's Daughter, at age 6) through to my DA'ing, when I had been a TMS Overseer for a few years.
    Latterly I got great pleasure about helping people become good speakers, and once (with their permission) kept someone on the same point (Use of Outline) for six months, to help them get to grips with it. It had the desired effect, though at the time folks struggled to see what I was up to.

    I had seen good and bad Overseers, and the effects they had on people.
    Singly it's the role that I believe had the greatest effect on an individual's morale and self-confidence, and I really enjoyed seeing people blossom.

  • Sassy

    I enjoyed it when I was on it.. I tended to memorize 'without trying' my talks so they always flowed like a normal conversation. I haven't been on the school in years though..

  • blondie

    I didn't mind giving talks; it was better than listening to them. I was fairly inspired at it and tried to liven things up without causing too many waves. I was a stand by volunteer too and put together talks in 10 to 15 minutes notice. It was hard to find a brave person to be my householder.

    It helped me in school and at work to be able to string 2 words together intelligently.

    The TMS overseer was my buddy for apparent reasons.

    One month I gave a talk every week with vacations and illnesses. It cut through some of the boredom.

    I dreamed once I gave the instruction talk. I did write the instruction talks for a couple of elders, the outlines anyway. A researcher even then.


  • Odrade

    I loved the TMS also, always thought it was a great idea.... when it was conducted by someone who was qualified. The hall where I grew up was fairly conscious of putting elders in charge who had excellent speaking skills. They really did teach us to be better speakers. One hall I was in as an adult, though, the conductor was a total boob. I'm really not sure why he was in charge. His grammar and pronunciation was terrible, and he could hardly read. I think nobody else must have wanted the job so he was stuck with it.

    To be fair, he refused to be the school overseer, knowing he wasn't qualified. This elder also does not give public talks. Same reason. Ah, rambling...


  • pdx

    I appreciate many enjoyed giving talks in the TMS, but I had a hard time preparing a talk. I felt like it was a heavy burden being laid upon me. Some of the bible readings made me ask. What does this have to do with anything now days? And I felt. If only I could give a talk on somthing that I had a passion about. I knew I could give a talk, and not even look at the notes, or audience contact.

  • pr_capone

    I actually enjoyed the hell out of giving talks. I got to flex my Ministerial Servant muscle so they would notice me and appoint me. lol I would be the first one to volunteer to give the impromptu talks. At one point in time I gave a talk at 8 meetings in a row, 2 of those times.. I gave the #2 AND #4 talks.

    I was also one of those that got applause more than just my initial time. I know for a fact that people enjoyed my tlaks and I enjoyed the pressure of giving impromtu talks. I overheard an elder once say to the C.O that I was the best public speaker we had at the congregation. But still they never made me an MS. Thank goodness for that... I might have stayed in. lol

    I have no fear of speaking to anyone and I actually feel it has helped me in my ability to sell when I am at work. Too bad I had to develop this skill with such shitty material.

    Kansas District Overbeer

  • got my forty homey?
    got my forty homey?

    I found that in the seventies and eighties getting g's on your record sheet was simply a formality. However in the late eighties something started happening in the organization and w's and I's started getting giving out.

    Thats when i didn't enjoy the school anymore.

    I dont know the current arrangement now.

  • cruzanheart

    I always liked giving talks (I'm a big ham), and I was pretty good at it. I would volunteer for last-minute talks to challenge myself, and it was kind of fun until the last year or two. The Greek half of me got all the gestures, and there was one memorable evening when I made a very effective gesture that knocked the table mike off the table and into the lap of the brother in the first row! I still got a "G."


  • simplesally

    Even though I hated giving talks, I always got a "Good". I gave good talks and the elder always said he enjoyed my talks and how I developed them. People in the hall said the same thing. I even did the impromptu talks because I was always prepared as to what I would say. I would get nervous because I was afraid of saying something wrong or blanking.................I didn't use real notes. I had post-it notes in my bible to prompt me and my householder was told just to answer as she normally would to the question or answer. Easy-peasy.

    The TMS really did help me to be a better speaker and better at getting my point across in real talking with the boss.

  • fearnotruth22

    The school helped me. I am greatful to the wts for the training that I have recived in the tms.

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