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  • adrift

    I didn't mind giving talks but I hated preparing them. I always procrastinated until the day I was to give it and ended up editing right up till I went on stage.

    I always wondered how JWs could say women were not allowed to teach in the congregation yet a sister, because she was sitting down and talking to another sister, was not teaching. Was there not another audience, besides the householder, being taught? Wasn't the TMS also about teaching the material to the congregation, not just learning how to make eye contact and pause to get a "G".

    You weren't allowed to teach, unless it served their purposes and they told you when and how.

    To this day, it pisses me off to think about it.

  • Thirdson

    Many of us have benefited from the TMS. It has helped me, I can comfortably address large groups of people, chair meetings, conduct training and demonstration sessions. However, I still have recurring dreams with either of two problems when ever I am facing some serious event. In my dreams I am often inappropriately dressed, in my underwear, just a bathrobe or naked. The other problem is the inability to read material in front of me, either words make no sense or are smudged. If my dreams parallel my fears I haven't gotten over them completely yet.


  • houdini

    Firstly let me state

    I'm not a baptized JW, just an inactive non-baptized publisher who hasn't been to a meeting for over 6 months but did attend every meeting for about 2 1/2 years

    I got quite a buzz out of doing the talks, even the preparation for them. It gave me confidence and valuable instruction in giving public addresses for my work outside the JW congregation, which ordinarily I would not have got. It taught me a few good lessons and i can't really critic it to much

    Unfortunately they didn't last long as I stopped giving my bible readings and talks after about 2 years as I was not on that frequently and got omitted more and more. Also work commitments meant that I had to withdraw form the school, which I would have liked to carry one

    I think because I used non-JW material as my research and didn't expound everything they wanted to hear. I got counselled on more than one occasion and the subject matter. My comments about the film "Monty Python's Life of Brian" didn't go down very well with some of the elders, even though probably none of them had seen the film.

    But the rest of the congregation seemed to like them and I always enjoy the congratulations from the main body of the congregation and always gave me a good feeling of belonging

  • LittleToe

    Hi Houdini,

    Good to see another new Brit. Welcome to the board

    Ross, from Scotland.

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