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  • galaxie

    Welcome leeny thank you for sharing your story. First of all know that you will be supported by the vast majority in this forum. I can relate to issues with jws and their unyielding stance on being gay. My daughter is gay and although she was never a jw she was subject to being cut off from her jw relatives to the point of one of my siblings exclaiming ..She is dead to us now...going so far as trying to persuade others of the family to take the same cruel to a beautiful and loving person as my daughter who until she came out as gay had a close relationship with them and endured holding back her true nature knowing what reception she would cruel and unloving these jws are. How you handle your situation is of course your decision , I would just say run towards the love and kick up the dust to those who hate. Best wishes on your journey.

  • joe134cd

    Be thankful you woke up in your mid 20s. I woke up just shy of 40, and it just goes to a whole new level. The longer you leave it the worse it becomes.

  • scruffmcbuff

    Hi Leeny. You woke up young like i was when I was DF. The next few years are going to open up alot of doors for you!

    In response to your bracketted statement "(you can judge away)" I assure you none of that will happen on here! This website is a fantastic resource that i wish i knew about when i was going thru my JC.

  • Phoebe

    Hi Leeny,

    hello and welcome. I've found this forum a safe haven so never feel you are alone. There is a wealth of experience here and you will get so much support from everyone.

    You have woken up early that is wonderful. Go live your life and be happy!


  • zeb

    I have the utmost pity for anyone born of uber parents. I have seen many young people who are deficient in social skills because of the wt usually about 2 years behind their peers. I am so glad none of mine have anything to do with the stinking wt and all its pharisee rules.

    Live long prosper in wisdom and health.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    If they didn't baptize little girls you wouldn't have this problem it seems. Good luck and welcome.

  • DesirousOfChange

    If you follow the advise above to say you are no longer a JW then the Elders can announce that “Lenny is no longer one of JWs.”

    there is a big difference if there are TWO elders asking to meet — or TNREE Elders asking to meet. Two means they are investigating and searching for evidence and your confession can be the evidence. If there are three to meet with you then they have already formed a Juducial Committee and believe they have TWO witnesses against you.

    Goid luck!

  • Vanderhoven7

    Hi Leeny,

    Avoid meeting with the elders for the reasons already stated.

    If the elders call I would say that you are having personal issues that have stopped you attending and that you are not prepared to meet with them until your personal issues are resolved...but that you will let them know when you are ready. (but..but...but we might be able to help you) Thank you, but I am not ready for a meeting...and as I said, the issues are personal that I have to resolve...thanks anyway.

    As soon as you finish your educational pursuits and find a full time position, you should start looking for an apartment perhaps close to work but out of your congregations territory.

    God bless


  • Crazyguy

    Your in a tough stop because you can’t really fake it. Your gay and that’s the truth and science has proven it not a sin it just the way it is. Maybe the only thing you can do is explain it to your parents that’s its a proven fact of life and nature. Then for the sake of your life and your happiness go live your life. Your young , the biggest regret most of us have here is we wasted away years of our lives before we figured out it was all a lie. Don’t waste your life!!!

  • ohnightdivine

    Dear Leeny,

    Welcome to this forum. We've been through many quite similar feelings as you've been, although in different situations. Please do not lose hope. Listen to your heart, and head. I think that we were born to make full use of the knowledge, skills, talents, our physical make up for something great and honorable as long as we are not harming anyone.

    Feel free to share your thoughts, any challenges you experience -- it doesn't end so easily, especially when you are born into a JW family. I'm the only convert / baptized one in my family but it's not that easy to shake off the "invisible" shackles that seem to be there in front of us.

    Anyhow, I hope you can find your own place soon and lead your own life. Our lives are precious. Without freedom, it becomes void of meaning and happiness...

    Hugs from Asia.


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