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  • jhine

    Hi Leeny ,

    It is amazing that you have got to this place in your life , being with someone who loves you and realising that the WT is not the be all and end all of life .

    You say that sometimes you do worry that they MIGHT be right and that troubles you . Well others on this forum will know that l do bang on about the fact that l have never been a JW but have been a life long Anglican . This does enable me to bring a different perspective to discussions on here .

    You may have been told that apostates are mentally ill and lie about the Watchtower for personal reasons . If you try to tell other JWs about the things that you will learn on this site then that is probably going to be the response that you get .

    Well l have no personal axe to grind and l can tell you that the WT is wrong on sooo many levels . They are false prophets and you know what the Bible says about that .

    " Because of your false words and lying visions , l am against you . " declares the sovereign Lord .

    So even the book that they claim to use as their guide ( !!! ) condemns them .

    As to meeting with the Elders take the advice of those on here who know what they are saying .

    You have the biggest part of your life ahead of you , live it JW free .


  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Cyber hugs to you Leeny. How can a religion be right which condemns a person not only for having their own thoughts on things but condemns a person for being themselves? Heterosexuals in the past and the stupid Bible have a lot to answer for.

    So don't worry about being wrong, you are not wrong it is the JW cult that is very wrong on virtually everything! Most of us here have found that choosing and taking our own path in life is a liberating experience. It does take courage at first (because of the fear instilled) and we need determination to succeed but by being with sensible non JWs we can eventually get to where we want to be.

    I would say that if you can find your own place away from your parents as well as away from the congregation, you might still be able to fade. If they denounce you from the platform you will (like me) be considered an apostate. Ultimately; so what! It's your life-- Jehovah's Witnesses are a pathetic cult which steals lives, the ball is in your court and nobody can stop you choosing what you want to do.

    And we're all with you. . .

  • gone for good
    gone for good

    Welcome Leeny -

    Fear not - democracy has your back.

    Your apostasy is now an established and valued human right called Freedom of Religion.

    Your sexual preferences are protected by Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Speech.

    Check your countries slate/constitution/charter of democratic rights and freedoms and get on happily with the wonderful life you've longed for...

    and NEVER- EVER meet with elders, ayatollahs or "theocratic" kommandants of any stripe!

    You are already free!

    (You're welcome)


  • Finkelstein

    I’m inactive, not attending meetings or associating with JW outside of my

    biological family for almost 2 years now.

    Sounds like the local elders are wanting to play power games over you at your expense.

    If your not attending anymore , you've disassociated yourself from the religion altogether, why are the elders concerned about what you say or do.

    Its none of their business now, it only becomes their business if a person is actively attending or involved with people who attend .

  • smiddy3

    Leeny ,you need to know why JW`s are not the "Truth" why they are not Jehovah God`s spokespeople for today or any other day.

    Or alternatively if they are the "Truth" and are chosen by God and are the spokespersons JW.Org.

    You need to prove to yourself whether or not they are who they claim to be

    And the only way you can do that is do your own research ,if your not prepared to do that and you only listen to what other people say your beliefs / feelings will be swayed this way and that way.not knowing what you believe.

    JWfacts shows a lot of what the religion actually printed in their publications were they preaching the truth or falsehood.

  • Leeny

    Thank you everyone for such a warm welcome and a lot of insightful opinions.

    I know there’s a need to research to be sure one way or another. I just get very emotionally distressed and frustrated doing so. One reason is that for every Biblical arguement against JW’s theology there’s a good explanation supporting the thesis which leaves me where I started. The history of the org is one person’s word against the other (like Rutherford subject). I decided to get out of the book and there are things about this world that point to God and there are things that work exactly the opposite. All of it leaves me more confused than I was.

  • Giordano

    There are three parts to just about everyone. We are us, we are in part the child we once were and we are also our parent(s). All of these voices and needs bounce around in our heads.

    The hard job is being us. A high control religion like the JW's wants us to be 'them', Obedient them's. So there's that too.

    So hell yes it gets complicated with all of this stuff in our heads.

    Your need to work on getting the child out of you and your parents out of you and simply ignore the JW construct and it's dogma. It's a death cult based on people dying....over 7 to 8 billion people in a fantasy called Armageddon.

    Why would any sane person believe this and hope for it to happen?

  • no-zombie

    Hi Lenny,

    All of us were at one time over whelmed by this basic idea that the "Truth" may not be what it claims to be. And in your case you have the additional issues that revolve around your family and personal life to factor in, which isn't easy. However, the best advice I can give to you, is take things slowly and just focus on one problem or situation at a time, just to keep your sanity.

    Questions on the various doctrinal issues is easier to solve that you think too. For many of us have found that just by reading older magazines and publication of the Society, has helped us to see that most of our religion has been created or formulated from opinion rather with direct scriptural authority. But fortunately, there are so much online resources to help in this regard ... you just sort of know where to look. It quite amazing how much effort other have gone to assist others in this regard.

    In conclusion, when doing your research, just post a quick question here if you get stuck. As there a lot of guys here that can help you out in give you various ideas or articles to think about.


    No Zombie

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