Beautiful New "Kingdom Hall"

by Sea Breeze 58 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • lastmanstanding

    I understand that the new building committees have the mandate to install a hydraulic For Sale sign that pops out of the front lawn and is triggered by an internet connection to Warwick.

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters
    Can you imagine JESUS and his Disciples doing something like this??
  • OnTheOutside

    This KH is located in a midwestern US state. It is situated just outside of town in a rural area. The old KH was the standard windowless brick building with the overhang. From what I heard, there was flooding in the basement, HVAC and some structural issues, big minuses in trying to sell. In the end, the LDC must have decided it was more cost effective to demolish and build new onsite. Anyone else wishing to build new could just buy readily available vacant land without having to deal with demolition. Out there, it's an hour each way to the next town with a KH.

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    I'm in construction. The building that is there now is known as tilt-wall construction. It is more a lot expensive that regular stick-wall construction until you get to around 20,000 sf, which bldg. is not.

    Why the extra expense imposed on the local rank and file if not for better resale later?

  • Olig

    Looks like a prime location to convert to a petrol station... Big boxy building... Lots of courtyard space. All welcoming the watchtower tract and petrol society

  • redvip2000
    Looks like an upscale commercial bldg. next to a gas station that will one day make a nice Starbucks... after the brothers get done paying for it.

    That's the whole point, don't you see? This is not built to be a KH. This is built looking ahead 10 years, once the congo finishes paying it, and the Org decide to join them with another congo and sell this building to be doctor's office.

  • Vidiot
    JeffT - "...I think the long term goal may be to completely rebuild the religion once they've eliminated the people most likely to complain. It would give them a way of dodging lawsuits over a change in blood doctrine, and reset the clock (or get rid of it) regarding the approach of Armageddon."

    Progressive reform? Really?

    No offense, but after 18 years here, I'm kinda surprised you still think the bOrg is capable of that.

    Trust me, man, that ain't on the table.

    Virtually ever authoritarian regime in history has elected to crash-and-burn rather than take that route.

    The WT leadership is no different.

  • Solzhenitsyn

    And to think the GB had to ultimately approve either the final plan for a normal looking house of worship OR a commercial Taco Bell/Starbucks looking plan. And to think that it came down to what ended up being a a 5 to 3 vote in favor of the commercial structure we will all see popping up everywhere here and there.

  • JeffT

    I never said the changes would be "progressive" I just think it would be a good opportunity to make changes. Historically, the WTBS, has made changes to all sorts of things (doctrine, prophecy, administration, etc) about as often as most of us change our socks. Getting rid of a lot of weak members would make the changes easier.

    I still don't think these new designs are going to be money-makers. Either the WTBS is not planning on trying to resell these ugly-ass buildings for lots of money; or they have the worst real estate advisors in the world.

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