Is it harder for ladies to apologize?

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  • FlyingHighNow
    I say there is nothing wrong with the different way we handle things but don't try to tell me the difference does not exist! Maverick

    Yes, Maverick there are differences in the two sexes. Where I thought you sounded bitter is in your earlier comments where you singled out women.

    And in most cases I share at least half the blame. But I bottom line things with other people, men and women. Forget what they what they do! We all have buttons that can be pushed, and they are never reasonable, they are twists in our personalities. They help make us who we are. Men and women are different...I love the difference!

    Here you speak of both sexes. This is much more fair and shows you aren't just singling out women. We do have differences, we wonderful men and women. My point is that the differences do not keep us from getting along. Unreasonable people come in both sexes. Reasonable people come in both sexes. Two reasonable people can communicate and get along.

    I have enjoyed your posts so much. I just never saw you wear your heart on your sleeve like that where women are concerned. It sounds to me like you have some bad matchups with women in the past.

    I had a bad match up with my ex. We chose to marry the wrong people. Thank goodness I have the good kind of relationship with Andy now. I consider it a gift from someone bigger than all of us. I have been given the opportunity to see we opposite sexes can get along very well and communicate very well. I am very grateful for this opportunity because I might be pretty bitter these days.

    You are saying men and women are different in some ways. I am not disagreeing. I thank you for your fair reply and for clarifying yourself.


  • Maverick

    I've been working all day and just read Heather reply.

    Now here is a perfect example of how to defuse a potential sticky situation. I am most impressed by the manner in which you graciously allowed me a way out of a corner. This is an art form and I bow my head to your artistry! Maverick

  • Maverick

    Pettygrudger! What! When do you not agree with me? Oh! You wound me! I demand an apology!!!!

    Seriously though, I am baffled by the fact that everyone doesn't agree with me! After all I'm the coolest and smartest man on the planet! (After Brummie) Maverick

  • Panda

    Women are usually the first to sincerely apologize if they are wrong. Often the perception that a woman should apologize comes from a man who thinks he's correct when he isn't and so he should apologize. That would be a perfect world. In our marriage I am definitely the first to apologize if I'm wrong. I've found that Mr.Panda does not hand out apologies often ... especially if he's found wrong.

  • Maverick

    Sorry to hear Mr Panda has a hard time fessing up! I know a lot of men this way. One guy I worked with would NEVER under any circumstance admit he was wrong or did anything wrong. This really bugged me...until I got to know him and learned about his abusive father who beat the kid every chance he got! So this guys reaction was to "deny all"! I wonder if some men and women who may be a tad insecure are afraid that if they admit they messed up they will be perceived as weak?

    It comes down to values. When I was very young Truth outweighed Feelings. Now I have a totally different view. A persons feelings are way more important than my being right and making sure they know it! Maverick

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