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  • badboy

    I understand from 1 of mum's friends that in a certain road near the KH that people have put notices saying they don't want jws knocking on their door etc.

    Also 1 persons has put on (their door?) asking them`Y R U persecuting me by knocking on my door' sort of things etc with newspaper cuttings on her door.

    Did something similiar happen in your area?

  • Strawberryfieldsforever

    Yes I saw something like that. When we were in rural territories in service, we would come across gates with signs "No trespassing. That means you too Jehovah's witnesses!". I also remember one sign that said "All trespassers including Jehovah's witnesses will be shot!". Of course you always had the hard headed ones who would say"Lets go and find out why they feel that way". Geeeesh...just leave them alone if thats what they want. I would never go with them. Too embarassing

  • jgnat

    Ya think???? I heard lots of stories over the years about how to keep them away. I believe these reactions keep the JW persecution complex alive and well. My dad's favorite story is the guy who stripped to his shorts and grabbed a beer can on the way to the door.

  • stillajwexelder

    Yes - many in our neighborhood consider JWs a nuisance - people tend to hate it when a new KH is built (they think the JWs will knock on thioer doors even more often) -- do not believe the WTBTS bullshit that it is a good witness when a new KH is built

  • Yerusalyim

    Honestly, I've not met a non Dub that did NOT find them to be a Nuisance by knocking on doors. They fall into the same category as Telemarketers for most folks. My ANTI DUB door ornament....Book Bags mounted like trophies on the porch.

  • badboy

    THE same also said that door-door work is not terribly efficient in getting people through church doors.

  • fader

    In Italy, the Catholic Church gave out these stickers to people to put on their doors saying Jehovah's Witnesses weren't welcome. I remember going to see my grandma and telling her that I would not visit her anymore because she put up the sticker. What a fuc&ing idiot I was.

    Wow, that just brought back so many emotions. I miss my grandma.

  • Sassy

    We had one territory where there were only two houses that were NOT due not calls..

    Never saw actually signs up though about it..

    We did have a guy come to the door with a rifle in one territory.. I call that a pretty loud visual sign of unwelcome!

  • Nocturne

    I remember when doind a door a few years ago, there was a sign on it saying: "No solicitors, peddlers. No matter how good you think your cause is, we're not interested".

  • Purple

    No do tell! What someone not wanting a self righteous, bible thumping, clean living hounding them on their doors?? Never heard of it. Preposterous (sp?) even!

    I used to have a sign on my x front door about not preaching the good word at the door cause I was not interested. You would of thought the elders would of picked up on that really quickly. I suppose they would have had to notice that I wasnt there and then cared! Yeah like that would ever happen!

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