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  • Agnes

    Had a notice on my front door several years ago to discourage solicitors and anyone pushing a cause. Didn't work, they still came until my husband gave them a piece of his mind. No visits for several years now.


  • Elsewhere

    This reminds me of an experience in an old KH that was in a residencial area.

    The street was very narrow, just enough room for one car really, and the parking lot was too small. The result of this was that JWs would park in front of a house that was directly across the little street from the KH. The house's owner didn't like this so he complained to the body of elders... but they just blew him off (and not in the good way ) His response was to put a parking meter at the curb. How did the good little JWs respond to this you ask? They didn't... they just ignored it as if it wasn't even there. This only served to piss the man off even more.

    Ahhh yes... you will know them by their fruits.

  • Celia

    My husband would open the door to JWs with a rifle in his hands, but he knows I enjoy their visits. . .

    Purple says :

    You would of thought the elders would of picked up on that really quickly.

    would have....

    Sorry Purple, I am in en editing kind of mood , and why is it highlighted ???

  • badboy


  • Yerusalyim

    I've said this before I think. Years ago when we were first married and the wifey still claimed JWism, a neighbor expressed concern that her son have positive influences in his life. My wife said something to the nature that our boy, Barry, was a good influence because he was raised as a JW. The neighbor just kinda stared at her as if to JW's seem to think they have this great reputation in the world for being honest good people...truth be told if people think of JW's at all it's usually in the context of those annoying knocks at the door.

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