Did you ever save anyones life?

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  • Sirius Dogma
    Sirius Dogma

    I was tubing ( riding those big tire innertubes) down a river in new york one summer and saw this young girl stuck in her tube and being pushed under the water by an overhanging tree. I hopped out of my and swam to her to untangle her. After a minute or two she got her breath back and was off down the river again. I don't know if I saved her life, someone would have helped her eventually, but her family was glad I was there.

  • elamona

    As a nurse in a critical care unit I have been involved with many successful team efforts to save people. I have nursed people who I never believed would have had a chance to recover- I like to think that the care that I gave contributed to that. I have seen doctors put people back together after horrendous accidents who should not have lived; not only did they live but they walked out of the hospital and went on to lead productive lives. But in a non hospital situation, no. I have never been involved in a life saving event. EMT's and Paramedics get very little credit for the tremendous work that they do on the scene. There wouldn't be any hospital miracles if they weren't good at their jobs. Hat's off to you guys and gals.

  • onacruse

    fwiw, I made a post on JWD (many many months ago), about suicide. It wasn't directed to anyone in particular.

    That person told me, a couple of days later, that what I'd said prevented him/her from committing suicide that night.

    This JWD db has meant life-or-death (psychologically, emotionally, and physically) to a whole lot of folks, including me.

  • Nikita

    yes, my daughter, when she was about 2, when she was choking on a piece of candy

  • Simon

    I saved someone choking on Candy once. Angharad, she was 27 ... and I'm NOT joking ...

    What's worse is that it's about the 3rd time since I met her

    Once I had to pull the car over quickly, another time I was doing the heimlick manouver in the living room

    I'm hoping she will be able to feed herself without supervision by the time she's 30

  • JH

    Yes, by preaching the good news of the kingdom, I saved many people from eternal death...

  • Valis

    my child...ran right in the street when I told her not to w/the mischevious smile on her face.....me running..tires screeching...and then a bit of butt busting..One of the only times I ever spakned CFB..


    District Overbeer

  • Atilla

    No, not literally, but I did help this one girl who had become a witness because of me become disallusioned after I stopped being a witness. Thus, in time she stopped being a witness, but her exit was far messier than mine. I guess you could say I almost ended her life by pushing her over the edge of the cliff but then kinda helped her out by catching her at the last moment. Thank goodness I didn't convert anyone else, or I would truly feel sorry, I would have to go back and warn them if I did.

  • Makena1

    Here is a post from awhile back about my experience.


  • Navigator

    I served as a lifeguard at a large municipal swimming pool. Pulled several kids out that summer. In combat, I served on a gunship that beat back the enemy until rescue choppers could get in and pick up personnel from downed helicopters. We also kept a firebase from being over-run by a large enemy force. It was one of the most satisfying things I have done. Their commander called our squadron the next day to express his thanks.

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