Did you ever save anyones life?

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  • dh

    if so, was it a stranger or was it someone you knew, and how did the relationship develop afterward?

    i did once, a friend who was drowning, after the incident the friendship totally deteriorated and now whenever i think about it, i wonder why i bothered, it's difficult watching someone drown, especially when they shout your name instead of help. anyway, anyone got any experiences to share?

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    or did somebody save your life, and if so how do you feel about that person now?

  • Yerusalyim

    I've intervened in a couple of suicides...does that count. These were individuals I knew...though only as acquantances.

  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider


    Never saw either of them or their families again.

    Better that way. Friendships anchored by painful experiences would be too complicated.

    Thunder ==}>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • TresHappy

    No but someone saved my life. When I was 18 I was choking on a piece of hard French candy on the streets of Paris when I started to turn blue and fell to the ground attempting to breathe. A stranger came up from behind, grabbed my stomach and did the Heimlich on me. The piece of candy immediately came up and I looked around to see this angel. He stepped back and I couldn't get a good look at him. My friend and I were both crying from the ordeal and realized this man didn't stop. He went on. I never got to say thank you. What a way to get a crowd around you on the Rue de Rivoli!

  • Redneck

    Lost count... But being a paramedic has given me a few more opputunities than most..

  • Sassy

    I had a friend who attempted suicide. I sort of dated him before he was dating the woman who pushed him to this point. He called me one night after he had taken a knife and sliced his chest about a foot in length (just missing vital organs both ways by 1/4 ". He was two hours away and his only family was down in Texas (who I had not yet met). Thankfully he told me what hotel he was in and room number so I called 911 and told them where to find him.

    Then I drove down in a snow storm two hours to be by his side after surgery and keep the bitch from calling the hospital and further upsetting him. Oh. I called his mom in between and had to tell her the worrysome news for which he was later upset with me for..

    I remember the drs asking me if I was his girlfriend.. I said NO.. I'm the woman he left for the woman who put him here... (dr had to think about that for a second.

    How did it turn out for us? Well he and I actually became closer. He wanted to reculminate our dating relationship but I had already been hurt in that aspect and didn't want to try again. We did remain close however. In fact just last week when I couldn't sleep because I was upset about something, I called him up.. I think we will always have a bond of sorts no matter how far apart we live.

    PS.. his mother adores me..

  • beckyboop

    I don't think I've helped save anyone's life yet, but mine was saved 2 months ago. My boyfriend and I were in Jamaica, and we had been snorkelling off the cliffs of Negril. The water had suddenly become choppy, and we immediately headed for the ladder to get out of the water. My boyfriend went first, and then helped me get to the ladder.

    Unfortunately, I didn't take my swim fins off first, so I couldn't get my feet on the ladder. I immediately "hugged" the ladder while 2 huge waves crashed over my head. I still had my mask and snorkel on (thankfully), but I couldn't do anything more than hang on. If I had been swept off the ladder, I would have been smashed up against the cliffs and probably killed or at the very least banged up by the rocks.

    The weirdest part about the whole thing was that my boyfriend had already headed up the ladder after helping me get to it, because some guy was coming DOWN the ladder to swim out to his boat. My boyfriend by that time realized I was in trouble, but the other guy was already right next to me and took off my fins for me and then LIFTED me up until my foot reached the ladder. I very shakily went up and while going asked the guy "Dude, what's your name? I think you just saved my life!" His answer? "Famous Vincent" Sure enough his name was right on his boat!

    All in all a very scary experience, and if it wasn't for both my boyfriend and the other guy I'm not sure I'd have made it home from that trip. I did not get to see the guy again before we left, but we're going back again so hopefully I'll meet him again next winter. It's amazing how much you learn to appreciate life after something like that happens.


  • mustang

    I'm told that I saved a lot of people, but I have had an attack of modesty.


    It Gives One Pause Class

  • Tinkerbell4125

    Yes, my own, I left the borg before it killed me.

  • Xena

    I had a friend overdose on pills due to a relationship gone bad. I called the poisen hotline and they told me to take her to the hospital. She was underage so I contacted her parent...JW parents...her dad didn't even show up at the emergency room, he disapproved of her relationship and her trying to commit suicide. Her mom eventually showed up. I was the only one that was there for her the entire time. It was sad.

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