Did you ever save anyones life?

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I've talked a few people out of suicide.

    And someone once talked me out of it.

    I have moved across country and don't see any of them now

  • shera

    I mananaged to get a young teen off the streets and go back home to her mother.Took hours and some anger to make her understand,living on the street,and her so called friends(i feel some of them were pimps),was not the life to live.I often wonder where she is now and hope she is ok.

  • Special K
    Special K

    I had someone call me while holding a revolver to their head....Kept that person on the phone, wrote a note for My husband to run to neighbours and call the police..

    When I knew the police had been dispatched, when my husband came back.. I got him to talk to her on the phone and took off. Met the police at this persons door...

    The person answered the door and let me in because of knowing me..with the police behind me.

    Had police remove all the guns from the house.

    I took every freakin' pill out of the house..

    I looked my friend in the eyes and said..

    "It's okay, now.. I've got control and you can let go now because I've got you."

    "You don't need to have control right now.. because I'm taking over". The person dropped to their knees and started crying and shaking...

    Drove her to the hospital.....

    When this person came home I called about 5-6 people and set up a 24/7 live in support for a month. Just someone to be their as this person was living alone at the time.

    Got "this person" a good family physician and also a good therapists .. asap.


    Usual life saving with my kids, .. choking, .. etc. remember grabbing my 2 year old and hoisting him out of the way when a herd of cows and horses were stampeding at us.. (Sounds funny.. but that was really scary)..


    Special K

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    I thought about this for a minute and then realized I've saved all three of my kids from drowning, each at different times and in different incidents not involving the others....and each time I jumped in to save them, I've been fully clothed....

    Frannie B

  • Cheetos

    A baby was dieing in a car with closed windows once many years ago, me and a cop bashed out the windows together and cooled him with cold iced coke on his head.

  • SheilaM

    Cheetos: That is wonderful
    I have saved a child also had to yell at the Mom the child was sweltering

    I saved my son and my cousin from drowining

    I have saved one person from suicide

    I opened the door in Mass to a lady with a baby a sick shade of blue so between Thunder and I we saved the little girl.What was so strange is I just knew when I saw the baby to call 911. This lady was just a friend of the Moms and the Mom was in the hopsital. The child had a bad heart and they were trying to wait to do a heart procedure. I ran down the hall called 11, Thunder had a bad flu but told the lady how to do infant CPR..everytime the child would come around she would pick her up to cradle her. Finally Thunder said "You gotta leave her laying down" When she did she pinked up. The EMT's were trashing my bathroom looking for her meds, I was trying to tell them the lady didn't live with us she was just driving by. A few weeks later Thunder and the kids were out and she dropped by and Thanked him and told him the baby was doing great.

    I have crawled in a wrecked car and held a womans head still she was wrapped around a pole.

    WOW I had no idea until I started typing...hmmmm

  • azaria

    My oldest brothers saved me from drowning when I was about 9. I possibly saved him from drowning when we still lived in the Netherlands. He fell in a canal at the front of our house a number of times and I had to run to get my dad. I I think I saved a friend who is a recovering alcoholic. A few years ago I had this uncomfortable feeling. I had gone to her house and no-one answered. So I called another friend who called the husband (they were separated). They found her in a coma and called the ambulance. When I questioned it my friend got upset saying that if it wasn't for me that she could possibly have died.

  • Sunnygal41

    SheilaM, I had the same reaction as you did at first....................then, the memories started coming..........but, to me, one of the most dramatic memories I ever was involved in was when my sister saved a young girl from being swept under the ice on a fast moving brook and drowning. They both walked to her house, soaking wet in freezing weather, and later, her parents thanked my sister personally. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot, two times, I think I saved my sister's life by running to get my mom........one time was when she went into a pile of smoldering leaves to pick up a piece of melted plastic........she was very young, and when I saw her shoe lace catch fire, I tried to yank her out, but she resisted me........quickly her heavy corduroy pants then caught, and me and my friend ran screaming to the front porch where our moms were sitting chatting............mom came running, threw her to the ground and literally beat the flames out with her own bare hands.........they both had 2nd and third degree burns, and the stink of burnt flesh hung in the air for weeks....................another time, my sis and I were on the stairs together, climbing to a second floor apartment where mom was using a neighbor's phone........it was very cold and my sis had two of those hats that tie under a child's chin on..........apparently, her shoe lace was caught in the crack in the stairs (what is it with her and shoe laces?) she was only two, and she bent down to tie it and woops! she slipped between the railings and fell two stories onto a concrete patio below.............she lay there so still.........I was screaming and crying when I pounded on the door to get my mom................my sister ended up with a fractured skull..........they rushed her in a police car to the nearest hospital, where they kept her under watch............they said that the double thickness of the hats had saved her life..........I remember looking at those hats and seeing the round patch of blood that had oozed out of her ear and dried.............then there was the time that I was sitting at my desk in the reception area of my job and noticed an older man and his wife standing on the stairs outside our office.........he looked distressed.............well, he was having a horrible attack, where he couldn't breath at all! He had emphasyma, etc. and I literally held him upright, while the EMT's were called and kept talking to him til they got there, and strapped an oxygen mask to his face! There's alot more, but, I think that most of us can claim to have been there at the right moment to save someone from doing something harmful to themselves........................

  • SheilaM

    WOW Sunny your poor sister....thank God she had you

  • Valis
    My oldest brothers saved me from drowning when I was about 9.

    dam! That just reminded me...we were at a convention in Houston when I was about 7. My sister, I, and some other folks were at the pool. She was 2 and jumped right in the 3ft section...still too short...*LOL* She was gobbling water down there and I pulled her up by the hair. *LOL* saved her and tortured her at the same time...*LOL* I think she cried for 3 hours straight...


    District Overbeer

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