A Diatribe - Feel Free To Vent With Me

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  • jgnat

    aaah, when an artist targets a truth about the human heart, bliss! You hit the target Zero!

  • Winston Smith :>D
    Winston Smith :>D

    It's nice to see that there are other people out there that share my feelings and to know that these feelings are things I arrived at ON MY OWN.


    That's one of the things that REALLY BUGS ME!

    My wife keeps on bringing up reasons why she thinks that I left:

    I was tired of going to meetings

    I didn't want to do FS anymore

    She was pushing me too hard

    An apostate talked to me

    I read bad info

    I committed a sin and jehover left me

    The latest one was:

    A workmate told me things and then I decided to leave [another lie]

    She heard it from someone in the KH

    It's frustrates me that she can't just accept the fact that there were items that irritated me enough personally to move me to research and reexamine my beliefs w/the JW's. And that after doing this research, I found that the beliefs that WE BOTH HELD AS TRUE were in fact FALSE.

    The rationalization that she, or any JW does, when someone leaves the Troof has to be done in their minds.

    If they do not carry out this rationalization, then the JW has to at least give consideration that we had solid reasons for leaving the WTS, which by default leaves them in the wrong.

    Rather than carrying out any level of critical thinking though, the JW leaps to the possible option that they are wrong, dismiss that conclusion, and then fabricates and rationalize other reasons for us leaving.

    This rationalization of why others leave then protects the JW and their fragile belief system to keep the 'Truth' intact as they preceive it

  • freein89

    Fabulous Post,

    You have managed to sum up every bit of what I have felt. You have put into words what I could not. Thankyou


  • Nadsam

    Reminds me of a time about 20 yrs ago when I was in Bethel. I returned to my home town to Pioneer and fell in love with a beautiful young sister in the congregation. Her father was an Elder & so was mine. I was also an MS on my way to being an Elder....when lo and behold, I wasn't good enough for her. Why you may ask? Well for starters I was broke most of the time, had a crappy car and basically could only offer field service as a date.

    Lo and behold!!! she ran off with her boss at work , had a kid and then had the audacity to call me up six months lateer, when he dumped her??!!

    So I let her travel the 1000 miles to come see me. Ha Ha she knocked at my door and I pulled the famous fake/make as if your not home stunt. About a week later her cash was out and she left.. never to be seen again.

    The reason I tell this story....because at that low point when she ran off with her boss I was driving at night on my way to do some return visits (alone) when drowning in self pity I made a decision. I had to get out of this insanity and GET A LIFE!

  • logansrun


    We all need to vent sometimes. It's rather simplistic to think that there is never a time to express indignation and we should just "channel our energy" into knitting or something. Now, if you go on a rampage spray-painting KH's that's a different story.

    What part of Illinois are you from, if you don't mind me asking? I'm in the NW burbs of Chicago.

    Take care,


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