A Diatribe - Feel Free To Vent With Me

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  • Winston Smith :>D
    Winston Smith :>D


    sorry i took too long to put my thoughts together and ended up posting after you posted, so i missed your clarifications.

    it is appreciated that you took steps to clarify your position and background.

    you may still find the 7 stages of loss of interest. They where helpful to me when someone else here pointed them out.

    Best Wishes,

    Paul [Winston.]

  • Sunnygal41

    Zero.............I'm sooooooooo very grateful that you made it out with your mind and sanity intact.............like so many of us who couldn't deny their own gut and wisdom about this tripe. You have a gift, man. Continue to speak out against this and all the other shit in life that aggravates you.........we need poets like you in this world!


  • garybuss

    Tbo, You wrote:

    Garybuss... maybe you are right on the nose.. :)

    What's this "maybe" crap? Venting is a healthy way to recover from abuse and rejection and it is not hating. We vent so we don't end up hating. GaryB

  • Tbo

    Garybuss...simma' down now.. <that is a funny>

    -this was the rest of that paragraph..... I only meant to say. that maybe you were right on the nose about what I was doing...which I tried to explain in the rest of that paragraph......see highlight..I know venting is great.. everyone needs it.

    "I worry when people vent anger... not that venting isn't good b/c it is .. you feel much better after talking about things... but I have seen what happens when people are filled with so much hatred towards something that it eats them up until that is all they think about and they dont' realize that there is ANY other way. < I should've been more clear.. not presuming that he was the same as my friend and that he couldn't manage his anger...>

    Have a great one guys! :)

  • ZeroKool29

    Thank you all for telling me how you feel.

    Winston : That Sunday WT experience...geez. My mouth just dropped open. But that is how it is, raw hatred being packaged and served up, little bite size portions of xenophobia fed to the youth who are like sponges and the parents sit idly by, swelling with pride that Little Johnny is well on the road to being a bigot. It's sickening. But, you are all right, the venom is healthy as long as it's getting relieved.

    Terri: I don't really consider myself a poet. Well, not a GOOD poet anyway. But I do agree with you, there need to be more poets in the world. And philosophers. This is something i wrote concerning that:

    Why No Philosophy?

    Where is the philosophy

    attempting to pierce

    this surrounding darkness

    the confusion of this existence?

    where are the elders

    debating the nature of experience?

    it seems that we have all

    grown weary of trying to explain

    why we are here

    and instead we rely

    on the musings of past intellectuals

    and resign ourselves

    to the notion that reality

    has been explained to the extent possible

    why do we allow ourselves

    to be satisfied with creation

    instead of still attempting

    to make sense of it?

    have we truly reached the zenith?

    the point at which intellect

    can carry us no further?

    Tbo, I don't think you and I are very far off from each other in the way we see things. I appreciate your comments and I do not think it was solely criticism. I used to have a problem with criticism of any kind, but I'm getting better with that. I think that change and things doesn't happen in a vaccuum, though, and if it is to take place it is the people like us, going back and forth, in honest discussion that will bring it about. And besides, while we are here discussing the organization and god and Jesus on this board, doesn't that fulfill the scripture: Wherever two or more are gathered together in my name, there I will prove to be?"

  • BluesBrother

    Zero, I loved the poem. You can express my inner feelings in words that I would love to have said , but somehow you say it better. Thank you.

    Winston.. I can relate to what you say, My wife thinks I am mad, and certain for "The Chop" at Armageddon It is not easy, is it? I could not have sat througha WT meeting such as you described

  • Winston Smith :>D
    Winston Smith :>D

    It's thread like this and ALL of the POSTERS that have participated here on this thread that gives me a warm glow in my heart.

    People can actually approach a topic from different angles, and in the end, understand each other and grow because of our open discussion with each other.

    How refreshing!

    And that's one thing you touched on in your poem zero that also made me upset at times in the WTS:

    have we truly reached the zenith?

    the point at which intellect

    can carry us no further?

    Why can't I at least question the accepted?

    Did we as JW's feel that we knew all?

    That we were infallible?

    We would always deny that we held this standard as JW's to a householder, but in retrospect, it was a lie that was postulated to the householder.

    A lie that we knew was false ourselves even while speaking to the householder.

    cognitive dissonance

    Because the minute i started Q'ing 607 bce, the F&DS, or 1914, I was quickly put into the 'apostate' category.

    Not one 'friend' approached me to discuss my doubts, because I was dangerous per the elders & my wife.

    Unity at all costs; and wait on jehover, he will correct it.

    If god is really directing the WTS to corret matters, then why did he give us bad info the first time around?

    Was jehover on vacation when the GB prayed about approving Elder Fondeling-hands as your local PO, or when the WTS signed on as a NGO with the UN, or when the WTS was dead wrong about the generation doctrine?

    I love the quote that others have given mention here:

    "I'd rather have questions I can't answer, than answers I can't question."

    I won't be fooled again.

  • Winston Smith :>D
    Winston Smith :>D

    I could not have sat througha WT meeting such as you described


    Well, that was early i my awakening. Now I fell that I would make a scene or raise a stink somehow.

    Righteous indignation

    BTW, I did express my disappointment to the elders & my wife about that 'two-minutes of hate' straight out of George Orwell's 1984.

    And FWIW, that elder no longer conducts the WTS

  • garybuss

    Tbo, Mine was a funny too but my happyfaces are like Jesus' return. Thanks for the posts. GaryB

  • ZeroKool29

    I am really encouraged by all of the feedback I've been getting to my posts. It's nice to see that there are other people out there that share my feelings and to know that these feelings are things I arrived at ON MY OWN.

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