Oprah For President!

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  • freddo

    Now I think you guys and gals in the USA should put up Judith Scheindlin for President.

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Oprah isn't qualified. But then again......the bar for qualifications has been severely lowered recently. So by that standard, she is as qualified as the current president.

    But i would rather not make it the new norm, and have a competent and experienced diplomat/governor in the position of running our country.

    I'm am sort of baffled by the video Cofty posted to be honest. Ben Shapiros commentary is pretty hackish. For the record, Oprah has stated that she is not interested in running for president. The fact she has known people like Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump in her professional life, makes her somehow culpable in their behavior and permissive of their actions? Not without a ton of conspiracy theory and assumption.

    That seems below the standard for reasonableness. I see these photos everywhere.....the right being materially desperate to discredit someone eloquently speaking the truth to people that think the current president is a dangerous slob, despite the fact hat she has no political aspirations.

    If she developes them, then let her run for a lower house or something to build up to this.

    Since the bar has been lowered this far however......I can't say she wouldn't be a tempting vote opposite the current occupant of the white house. Hell I'd vote for the reanimated corpse of Cofty over Trump.

    At least he would value brains.

  • mikeflood

    Oprah for President is the best example ever about how much far the liberals are from reality. Good luck with that.

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