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  • stillajwexelder

    ) Have a maximum driving age. We have a minimum driving age for safety reasons the same should be true with senior citizens. Sorry, I've seen too many grandma's endanger people with her incompetency.


  • Yerusalyim
    Defense does have enough money. It's the servicemen who are underpaid. It would be better if they spent more of their budget on salaries and benefits for the people of the military. My brother in law struggled with a family of four. Yes, we are underpaid, most of the military budget goes to logistics, which is an expensive animal. We're modernizing and changing the force, which was designed for the Cold War. This rebuild, essential to making us a more lethal fighting force, and saving costly.


    I read the article with interest, but disagree with most of tax is not fair nor equitible...however, the spector plan that didn't tax ALL income was just a degree. If a dividend is taxed at the corporate level, why tax it again at the private level?

  • logansrun

    If you want to go really radical for a minute...

    End the two-party system by altering the constitution so that the President does not need 51% of the electoral vote. That's the major reason why we are bogged down in this false dichotomy.


  • stillajwexelder

    Yes most other democracies in the world do not just have two parties -- current 2 party system could do with changing

  • Sirius Dogma
    Sirius Dogma

    Here is my take on this.. playing devils advocate on quite a few

    America is too big. It would be great if we could form four or five seperate nations from the Union, but that simply is not going to happen and would be dangerous. So, I Give more authority to state and local government within a broad framework. This would make voting more important than ever and would aid the democratic process.

    I would love to see california cecede from the union, the rest of the country can really drag us down sometimes. However none of this will happen. The trend almost certainly has to go in the direction of unification and globalazation instead of the reverse. I would expect in our lifetimes to see other regions do what the US has done and what the European Union has recently done. Nation-States will band together under a federal system which will be under some global authority.

    Stop all immigration to this country. Close the borders. If people want freedom and opportunity let them work for this in their own countries. We do them a disservice in the long-run by letting them come here

    I don't know if this is a good idea, but it I don't think it is possible. The world is too small of a place and no one can live in isolation.

    We have a wall of seperation between Church and State, how about an even bigger wall between Corporations and State? Corporations aren't necessarily evil but their power in politics is way too strong. Make large donations to political parties a thing of the past. Stop corporate welfare.

    I agree, more regulations need to keep these corporations from getting out of control. I would like corporations get much stiffer penalties for the crap they do, we jail a person for years and slap a corporation on the wrist for the same crimes.

    Americans are too dumb. We need smaller schools. Fire the goofy public school teachers and let their pay be based on performance, not tenure. Have standardized testing and let competition reign. Raise the standards for teachers by eliminating unions. Do lawyers and doctors have unions? No. Make getting a masters degree a minimal requirement and pay them gobs of money if they earn it. Take advantage of new technologies by having classrooms linked by the internet in conference lessons.

    I think this is just a fundamental change in how things are being done. Public schools are dying, maybe this is just a bubble in the area I live, but almost everyone I know sends their children to a private school. I think public schools might have outlived their usefullness, at first the education system was made mandatory to ensure everyone got a basic education. Now many realize that a basic education is not enough. Parents can choose a school that teaches them how they would like to be taught, no longer any arguement about prayer or evolution vs creation. You don't like is being taught at the school, then send them to a diffferent school. Not only that, but it is becoming a huge indunstry, for good or bad.

    American television is banal, idiotic, crass and boring. People are getting dumber, more violent and wasting time. Tighten controls over the networks. Force them to quadruple the amount of programing in educational and news programs to be produced by independent councils of academics. Yes, this sounds draconian. So was your mother forcing you to eat spinach

    I don't think the flow of information can easily be stemmed. Besides I think the internet will shortly overtake TV as the prime source of education ,entertainment and news. How many people do you know who spend much more time on the internet, than watching TV? The internet can be just as dumb, even dumber than television if used in that way, but it can be vastly educational and best of all is interactive. TV is non-active.

    Pass a constitutional amendment calling for a balanced budget. Slash defense spending. Get rid of stupid programs that promote "family values." (that would be taken care of if you improved the quality of TV dummies!)

    Sounds like a good idea to me, but then again, I really don't know all the intricacies of running of running a country. Corporations and individuals use debt as a means to and end all the time, why not the governement. Defense spending? bah. Don't get me started, if we acted more like the 'caring' big brother to world instead of the 'i will crush your head in if you f*ck with me' big brother, we would have a lot less to defend against.

    Tax religions. Offer deductions based on their humanitarian programs and charity work.

    Never heard of that one, I love it, but I am a bit biased because I think organized religion is a scourge on humanity.

    End the antiquated electoral college and the silliness over "primaries." Shorten the entire campaign season drastically. Allow voting to take place over the internet.

    Brilliant!! :D

    End corporate taxation but fine them mercilessly for enviornmental and humanitarian offenses. Yes this includes oversea operations boys.

    End corporate taxation? Why the hell would you want to do that?

    Let consumers buy prescriptions from Canada and elsewhere. That would be free trad for everyone.

    Good idea, but how about the pharmaceutical companies stop price gouging us selling the same drugs to the rest of the world at discount prices.

    Get us over of Arab oil and promote nuclear energy. Why people are so phobic of that is beyond me.

    Good point. We need alternative energy solutions. Burning wood, coal and oil? Haven't we gone beyond being cavemen yet? Fire Good!

    Have a public service draft for young people who don't have extenuating circumstances (which would be the majority). I think that would go a long way towards instilling compassion and community responsibility in young people. And the public would benefit from this service. What more could you ask for!

    I like this idea.

    Legalize and regulate marijuana, de-criminalize possession of other drugs.

    Good idea, but the repercussions to society could be overwhelming at first. Education programs would be to be increased 10 fold in schools if this is to be successfully intergrated.

    Put our enormous prison population to work. Let them labor their way through their terms.

    Horray! But then again, didn't we abolish slavery?

    Give people the right to invest some of their social-security money in personal retirement accounts.

    Hmmm. Good for some people, bad for others. What about all those who lose their money from playing with it?

    I would also decriminalize prostitution - -so the drug pushers/gangsters/pimps etc did not make as much money

    I agree, there will be demand for the trade of sex and money. It can at least be made more respectable, like in some other countries.

    Reward good grades and behavior with drivers licenses. No diploma, no license -- at least not till you pass a certain age. Getting in trouble in school or with the authorities? You can kiss your driving priveleges goodbye.

    I like it.

    Have a maximum driving age. We have a minimum driving age for safety reasons the same should be true with senior citizens. Sorry, I've seen too many grandma's endanger people with her incompetency.

    I don't think a maximum age would work, especially with people living longer every year. Maybe once you get past a certain age they have to go through a more rigorous serious of tests to determine if they should be driving. Test their eyesight, concentration, reactions, etc...

    End the two-party system by altering the constitution so that the President does not need 51% of the electoral vote. That's the major reason why we are bogged down in this false dichotomy.
    The only problem is, without at least the feeling of majority consent, the chances of civil war greatly increase.
  • ThiChi

    Wow, what a concept: go back to the ideas that made this country great. I agree. However, I don?t agree with the "Tax Religions" idea. It should be "Tax No One."

    Pre 1913, we had no income tax, or the volumes of IRS code we now have. We did just fine as a Nation. The current tax scam has stripped us of many of our rights:

    1. Privacy rights (it is no one?s business how much you make, and what you spend it on)

    2. The right not to incriminate oneself (which you do every time you fill out a 1040!!)

    3. Government control of our actions through taxation (you better go to collage, marry and have kids, or you will be taxed!!!)

    4. The Admiralty/Federal procedures introduced into the taking of property (Without a warrant!! When the IRS grabs your paycheck, or bank account, did they produce a warrant to take your personal property? Nope....)

    Boarders, language and culture is under attack in America............

  • Valis
    America is too big. It would be great if we could form four or five seperate nations

    United States of Eastern America

    United States of Western America

    United States of Northern America

    United Stated of Southern America



    District Overbeer

  • stillajwexelder

    America is too big. It would be great if we could form four or five seperate nations

    Disagree - Europe is going towards Union not the other way - so it can compete with the USA -- I think if the US Canada Mexico Puerto Rica and the Virgin Islands and Carribean were just to become North America with no borders -- wow - that would be a country - -some may not want to learn English but that is a minor detail

  • Eyebrow2

    America too big?

    Heck no! I am for taking over Canada myself...then I don't have to leave the country if I want to drive to Alaska.

    Manifest destiny, baby...there is no ocean between us and canada...just a few lakes here and there. You know the only reason the US didn;t try to take over Japan is that pesky Pacific ocean

    Besides, we need our space...what is the US population about 250 mill or so? we have a lot of wide open spaces left that will stay that way for a very long time, and every country should be so lucky to have that. You forget the whole melting pot thing that the US started with...I think we need to have some tighter controls, but we cannot turn away legitimate immigrates

    Besides, Texas supposedly can leave and be its own Republic any time it they tell me down here hahah.

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