Saddest thing about being DFd

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  • Lieu

    I find the whole "disfellowshipping" thing odd. Here's why.

    Satan, the liar, and the very accuser of God Almighty, is given audience before God to irritate Job. Kill his kids, etc. Later, he tempts Christ, and Christ speaks to him without condemnation. Now this guy is a pure POS, but everyone heavenly is still talking to him and his cohorts.

    When you think about it, who are we as humans to stop talking to someone we disagree with on trivial matters when Angelic forces, to include the Almighty himself, have not done the same with the most rotten evil asshole in the universe?

    Seriously, THINK about it.

  • LongHairGal


    I like the term "psychological vampires". Too many people in that religion fit that description. Yes, I agree that you should not waste any time with people who don't accept YOU for you: a lesson I learned rather late.


    All I can say is that you are a fine person and more charitable than the average person. The world almost doesn't deserve you.

    It does make me angry, however, when somebody is kind and generous to Witnesses and they get stabbed in the back by these ingrates! The worst of it is that they will say "Jehovah blessed them" when somebody like you helps them out. Sometimes it's not appreciated at all.

    While kindness is good, I think in some instances it is "casting pearls before swine".

    I would never presume to tell somebody who they should be kind to but I will NOT give anything to anybody in the JW religion anymore. Those days are over!

    Now, I donate to Goodwill. Let needy Witnesses break their asses and go out and find things!

  • kairos
    The world almost doesn't deserve you.

    Hey, wait isn't that some JW insult? The World"!

  • kairos

    Seriously, though. Thanks for the comments.

    I was wondering, if the WTS conks out and the religion ceases to exist, do they still shun me?
    They are pretty stubborn.

  • berrygerry

    The Watchtower is so focused on the preaching work they fail to teach their followers this very basic principle.

    Not preaching work - recruiting work.

    Why join when the group shuns?

    Information control - no unnecessary info without the victim having reached a certain level of commitment - Cult 101

    See Orwell's book "1984" (The WT Guidebook) and Bending Truth

  • stuckinarut2

    Very interesting comment lieu!

    Had not thought of it like that before, but YES, why would the greatest "apostate" and "disfellowshipped" one Satan (a perfect creature)be granted free conversations with God?

    Meanwhile, an imperfect human who questions men in Brooklyn is treated worse than a criminal by witnesses?

    Things that make you go mmmmm

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