Not Everyone Is Welcomed At The Kingdom Hall

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  • FlyingHighNow
    To this day, these people are still "marked". Minimus

    You know something, in my last cong. I think most of the congregation was marked for one reason or another. Usually just for things like you didn't get enough time in, they didn't think your car was clean enough, your kids acted like kids, you were depressed, your family was plagued with sickness or some kind of misfortune.


  • orangefatcat

    Wow Pork Chop (oh I love your name)!!

    I know of a family that is filthy, and the husband is a ministerial servant. There home is so filthy that you see bugs and creepy crawlers everywhere. I never believed this family to be this way until someone told me and I had to see for myself. So one day I dropped by while out in the service and she told me to come in make myself at home and she was going to make a pot of tea. Well I really didn't want anything to drink or eat or anything. There were ants on the dinner table and days and days of bread crumbs and tea and coffee stains and sticky stuff all over that table. What a disgrace. And I am not exagerating at all. It was a virtual pig sty. The rest of the house was also stinky. I asked to use the toilet, and that was a big mistake as I entered into the washroom on the toilet there was a huge mess of kitty litter in the toilet, it was for making your cat to use the toilet instead of the kitty litter and as the cat becomes aware that the toilet is his spot they would eventually remove that litter and then kitty cats can pee and do their business in the toilet. It was so filthy I wanted to puck. I pretended to use the facilaties and flushed the toilet and then came back out. She asked me if I would like to see their baby grand piano, It was opulent, but due to their dirty ways there was stains and dust a mile high on the piano, and I thought I would give my eye teeth to have a baby grand and here they have one but it was a mess. Then the daughter and son come down stairs. You couldn't even see the stairs there was so much shite on it. Well the kids brought down their rats. I am not kidding here. they had rats.. I wanted to scream. They were so stinky. Then she says to me Terry I don't understand why we can't have the book study in our home. I looked at her and I am certain if she noticed the expression on my face she should'nt have even brought the subject up. But she asked me do I think the house is bad and I said to her that probably they didn't want the book study in your home because the food pantry is all opened and perhaps you don't have enought room for a study. I wanted to tell her, are you some blind lady, your a pig and your family too. This house is a shite house. Literally. I would be ashamed to even have anyone come to my home if it was anything like theirs. You know sometimes you can't figure people out, and so one day she says to me I am just going down to moms house would you like to come with me. So to be polite I say sure, and when we arrived at her moms house I knew right away why she was the way she was . The moms house was worse and for something to be worse then her home was pretty hard to swallow. The place was a dive. There was dirt and filth everywhere and in the kitchen there was piles of dirty pots and pans that had to be at least a wk old. Food was splattered everywhere. The elderly mom asks if I would like some tea and of course I decline. I wondered if their hearts were a reflection of the way they lived. I was just overwhelmed. I mean I would never step in the KH and expect people to come and visit me while a house was so filthy dirty. I wondered too how was it that the husband even had a postion in the congregation. I would be afraid to have them in the Hall for fear of fleas and lice and bugs and I think that they should have been supremely scolded for their dirty stinking homes. I have seen filth and perhaps I should say in this instance it was more like third world squaller. They should be ashamed of themselves . When the cong. had get togethers and have pot luck dinner I made sure what see and her mom made because I wouldn' t eat it. She couldn't understand why they were ill all the time and had terrible allergies. Well gee whiz just look around and see for your self that you are a pig lady.


  • seeitallclearlynow

    Orange Fat Cat, you are such a riot! I had such a good time reading your reply to the thread. In fact, I always enjoy your posts.

    Keep 'em coming. I hope I get to meet you one day, when I'm up in Canada.


  • gitasatsangha
    You know, I gotta say in this case, good on those elders.

    What a pile of horseshit. Just say "DF'ing is bad, unless I say it isn't."

  • Hunyadi
    You know, I gotta say in this case, good on those elders

    Me too! Whether you are JW or not, it is just a low down slimey thing to do.


  • wednesday

    People in the "world" commit adultry and well things somehow get handled. They either get a divorce or reconcile and usually need some marriage therapy or the adulter keeps it to themself and remains in the marriage..At any rate, it is a family problem, not really the conern of the elders IMHO. Jws make the problems worse. If there is adultry, the marriage is in trouble If the elders are really shepherds, then they should start right there. Find out what is wrong with the marriage and help them.

    I know a couple that was both DF for leaving their mates and marrying. Some 20 years later, they are still remembered for it . . What a hateful bunch of people the elders and cong are. I've seen people get less jail time for murder.. I agree with the poster that said, either u DF and shun or u do not. I don't think we should decide which sins are worse. I may be wrong, but i do not recall sins being graded in the bible. The important factor should be the persons attitude. If "cut to the heart" as they say, then why DF them anyway? What is the point? And circumstances do vary, as mentioned, the other mate may have actually contributed or even promoted the adultry. It has happened. Really, the cong should stay out of the bedroom in all cases. It is a family matter, or time to see a divorce lawyer.

    About the couple mentioned by M, common sense should have told the couple to go somewhere else.Elders are only human, if people are really hateful and arrogant, u tend to hate them .

    About the stinky family- yes the elders have the right to not allow offensive people in the KH. don't need a ruling form above on that.

    I know a couple where adultry was involved and rearrriage of them both and NO reproof, was given. Just brings new spouse to hall, like nothing ever happened. U can't make this shite up.

  • GermanXJW

    Talking about filthy people: we had a couple in our congregation: He was a filthy, ugly, old bachelor. She was filthy and ugly, had several kids from different men (always wondered how that was possible), divorced. (This description of the two is not exaggerated!) Once, she went from house-to-house in the territory a JW was living. The JWs Neigbor said later: "What she said was okay - but she could have a shower once in a while!. The elders had a hard time keeping her away from pioneering.

    Well, in the end the filthy, ugly, old bachelor and the filthy, ugly woman married. The thing was that she was not free to marry. So, they got DFed and reinstated after a year or so. That was what they said they were planning from the beginning.

    The congregation hold their breath ...

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